The balloon drama is the dumbest thing I’ve seen come out of this country in quite some time and that’s saying something. So many people irationally angry about some harmless scientific equipment.

The only way I can make sense of any of this is that this whole exercise was a massive psyop by the government to check and see how open the unenlightened masses are to the idea of war with China. And considering that cons and libs both are saying we need to send a missile over there in retaliation, I’d say they’re very happy with the results.

Because liberals love the fact that they can hurt others with impunity. A mere weather balloon getting through is a disturbance in that world order they hold dear.

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It’s a feeling of powerlessness, I guess. Going through reddit I saw posters who were genuinely convinced that the balloon was some kind of an attack or that it was carrying nukes and biological weapons. Just a laundry list of impossible scenarios to justify being scared of China.

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Hypocrisy is always justifiable to the Liberals when they provide fake context for their actions and disregard reality for their childish fantasy as explained in Japanese isekai fiction stories.


I still don’t understand what happened

Is it a birthday party balloon or an airship sized balloon or what?

Weather Balloon



I just assumed it was another nonsense story when I saw all the drama

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