No it makes sense. 4channers are contrarians at heart. Their white supremacism comes from a different place than liberals.

Both MLK and Malcolm X talked about the white liberals and how at least with the openly racist conservatives/fascists, they knew they were an enemy, but the white liberal would look like your friend until he stabbed you in the back.

At heart we have a fundamental difference in that 4channers are contrarians and liberals (which include trumpists) are followers.

The 4channer would totally say the same things and even worse if the government supported Russia over Ukraine. Let’s not forget they committed their share of shootings too.

Edit: and that’s my problem also with these “the worst person you know just made a great point” or “broken clock is right twice a day”. Every time you say that, you cede ground to fascists, comrades. Every time you see that happening is an instance where we could have been there saying the same thing from our POV, but we didn’t.

Fascists are never truthful, they only ever twist words to get what they need out of them. If we let them be the face of the anti-war movement, then that’s what they will become. And anti-war people will rally to them.

If 4chan tells you you’re a xenophobe, you’re really a xenophobe

I’m not giving 4chan any love. It’s a cesspit.

4chan hates Reddit. When I started with Reddit I did not get why. Now I do.

Never let them forget it. The time they brilliantly thought everyone is as shitty as they are on the inside. These supposed “leaders of the civilized world”.

So-called “rules based world order”

Comrade Ben

Both Reddit and 4chan are fascist shitholes

4chan tends to be more honest. Otherwise, you’re absolutely correct.

Venn diagram for their respective userbases is a circle

Considering 4chan hatred for Reddit that’d be downright hilarious.

I’m not exaggerating. The topic occasionally surfaces on 4chan

Now I am beginning to think that foreign interventions is good… as long as it is on American land to civilizes the Western European diaspora.

Something something the worst person you know just made a great point or some shit

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