Found the source for all ‘‘China expert’’ channels:

The amount of westoids cope is horrendous.

I looked at some of the discussions on r/worldnews and a bunch of redditors were saying that China deliberately floated the balloon over burgerland to provoke them to shoot it down and then denounce them for shooting it down. The purpose of this was to spur Chinese nationalism and distract from the evils the see see pee pee poo poo subject their citizens to.

The irony was completely lost on them.

As usual, it’s projection. The case was artifically pumped by murica because Blinken loudly invited himself to China, was probably quietly informed he’s not welcome and needed a pretext to reacall his visit because him kissing the doorknobs in Beijing would be rightly desrved humilation.

Spurs fatlander nationalism and bloodthirst - check

Distracts from the evils the west subjects the world and its own citizens to - check



story as reported by the media makes no sense (if your goal is to spy on certain American military bases, why would you send over a craft you can’t steer?) – check

idiots believe it anway – check

We have Burgerland Bingo!

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