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I hope Russia ends this war as soon as possible, I can take this anymore!

At this point, I can’t tell if America’s escalating problems are because of President Biden or in spite of him. Probably the latter, but shit has just been comically bad and getting worse since 2020.

The libs always claim that 213456 bajillion Ukrainian civilians have been killed by Russia because the Russian strategy is to bomb everyone until they’re dead and then move in over their ashes and yet Russia still has 234567 billion dead soldiers somehow…dissonance at its finest

It seems that the Russian offensive has already started. Not in the sudden “blitzkrieg” fashion, but in a gradual increase in movement everywhere. They captured Krasna Hora yesterday, are now encircling Paraskoveevka, etc, etc. It will get a lot worse for the Banderites from here. Hundreds of thousands of Russian troops still remain uncommitted…

anyone has any resources on fidel and cuba?

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Oh no now i am going to get rat videos the rest of my life.

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Apparently, Sumerian mythologists believed that humans were created by a cult of alien galactic slavers (?) to work plantations and monarchs were appointed by the aliens to control other humans until the aliens can return. Wow…

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Well a friend of mine had just compared the situation in the Russian Empire (Christianity being mandatory) with that of the Soviet Union. In which, according to him, one had to “believe in atheism,”, scream “GOD ISN’T REAL” from high tribune and then pray to an icon at home in secret. And that “now it is much better, because we’re free to go either way”.

I am saddened, comrades.

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Anytime people unironically start talking about space aliens when the military reports a UFO, I lose a bit more faith in mankind. Stop being stupid and falling for obvious psyops.

not to vaguepost but im not dealing with someone who ran a dedicated political memes account so anyways.

im begging, begging on my knees asking for non-USian people to not let social media turns them to an american. internationalism is encouraged, but your primary focus must always be the wellbeing of the masses you can work with. to say this a little harshly, WHY ARE YOU MAKING MEMES ABOUT THE CPUSA YOURE LITERALLY INDONESIAN. YOU SHOULD BE COMPLAINING ABOUT CIPAYUNG. GO JOIN A FUCKING ORG YOUR COMRADES ON THE GROUND ARE BREAKING THEIR BACKS JUST TO ORGANIZE A SMALL PROTEST.

I personally keep an eye out for US madness for one big reason - it is the shape of things to come in my country. Our leadership and ruling class is very blatantly copying Yankee shit. Yanks have privatised healthcare? Let’s have a privatised healthcare. Yanks have jingoistic Christian-based nutjobs? Let’s have those.

Oh yes, this is something I do too. I won’t fault anyone for doing this. But the problem comes when its the only thing you do. What’s the use of all those analysis if you dont discuss it with other comrades and make an actionable plan and commit to it? It’s also a problem when you get too invested on western leftist infighting you barely know whats going on in your own country. Now that is just tacky and embarrasing.

had an argument with a german coworker. they said if opium is more profitable why wouldn’t you grow them referring to taliban ban on opium. my mind exploded. i said british forced the same thing on india and resulted in famines.


Our news is reporting that a new Russian offensive has started.

Meanwhile Zelensky is staying at the Belgian royal family for his media tour through Europe.

Bet that when the war comes to an end and the russians are marching towards Kiev, Zelensky or whomever is in power at the time will be on tour in europe or the US and conveniently will not be there for the fall of the regime, prompting a government in exile so that the west can claim to still be on the fight and pump more money into a couple of hands of the MIC.

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