Not sure how doing this ‘diminishes the value of the authors’ works’. I’m fairly sure there’s a logical fallacy in there somewhere. If anything, sharing books for free increases their value.

I’m not gonna trust him until he changes his name to Ev Shalev

So Russia is both waging an information war but also making actual information free so everyone can make informed opinions ?



Of course. He made western media available for free, to ehm ¿limit its reach?

Now now, he managed to write entire two sentences about “Russia bad” and didn’t even mentioned Putin once, that is a considerable show of restrain and objectivity for a twitter lib.

It’s like an Imperialist version of the Bechdel test

Does it count if he’s clearly implying Pootin or his gov’t?

Absolutely not, just i noticed libs are usually are so hyperindividualised they unconsciously tend to atribute everything systemic on all levels to a person, so when one did not do it, it called for a joke.

In their mind Russia, individual Russians and Putin are are merged together, so they see one and assume all.

When it’s them it’s the other way around, every individual has positive deniability for the actions of their leaders. “My President/intelligence agency did that, but I don’t support it!” while doing absolutely nothing to change it.

I got a cold and it’s clear to me that the Russians did it in order to hurt my countrie’s economy!

Edit: it was Covid. Thanks Putin.

The value of knowledge is purely monetary

I’m just happy to contribute to the diminishment of HarperCollins 😤

Americans will die to defend capitalism if it’s for chauvinist reasons.

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