Evidently the Bakmuht campaign is not going well. I say allegedly because, as usual, the sources of this are pretty shaky. Hopefully it’s not true because this is a major escalation otherwise. Like point-of-no-return level.

And they cry so hard when we melt their flesh off with thermite

Yang Wen-li

I can’t imagine it being effective, certainly inhumane, but probably not going to contribute much if at all.

Why not? Copters with grenades appear to be quite frighteningly effective, judging by the videos floating around. Sure it’s not as impressive or devastating as an artillery barrage. But have you seen those videos? Soldiers would be walking somewhere, unaware that a copter was already overhead. Then it drops a grenade (which doesn’t make a sound mind you) and boom, you’re not dead, but heavily wounded, lying in the snow.

Now combine this with the horrorshow that is poison gas effect. It’s not like in the movies. Even a “basic” lacrimator (tear gas) can incapacitate a person for a long time. Then there’s shit like sarin, which is pure torture. And what is the defence? Gas mask? You can’t run around in one all the time, you need to put it on. How long do you have, between the moment a drone drops a grenade and the moment gas reaches you?

And then there’s the chance they’ll start using it on civilians, just as all other shit they’ve received in “support”

Yang Wen-li

I think that depends on Ukraine’s capabilities to deploy gas like that. And in all cases, it’s cheaper to just use conventional explosives. I just don’t see Ukraine being able to utilize chemical weapons beyond just shelling with gas and hoping it saturates the area.

That is an interesting point though, targeted drone gassing, would eliminate the issue of dispersion.

I just can’t see chemical weapons being effective on the battlefield, the counter is just to motorize your infantry, have most personnel stay inside their ifvs if need be dismount, and equip gas masks for infantry combat. I know both NATO and the Warsaw Pact heavily prepped for post-fallout combat, so I just can’t see gas becoming useful in war unless you can do targeted gassing, which is a possibility, just not anywhere near as impactful as artillery.

Now civilians is basically where chemical warfare is most effective. It’s perhaps one of the few weapons that can’t be easily countered, in civilian settings atleast, and will cause mass destruction. That I can agree with.

depends on Ukraine’s capabilities to deploy gas like that.

The video I’ve seen had shown those cheap civilian quadrocopters and rows upon rows of grenade sized canisters. I wasn’t talking about some massive artillery shells or doomsday missiles, hence the question of terror usage. Someone had already launched a bomb drone at Engels airbase. This is the next “logical” step


Normally don’t the millitary leaders have to do some nonsense propaganda to get people to be willing to kill other human beings? Nazis make that kind of work easy for their enemies by behaving like inhuman monsters to begin with.


It’s not, it’s literally a signal to the other side that you don’t fucking care about human life anymore. The Russians are going to fight so much harder.

good grief. the only silver lining here is that maybe it will take beards out of style again as a close shave is needed to be protected by a gas mask. that will also help with the fit of COVID masks and reduce community transmission in countries that use masks.

Wow, nazis committing war crimes? Colour me shocked. 😮

Beginning or openly admitting? Pretty sure Russian MOD had reported that several soldiers were hospitalised with signs of chemical poisoning last year. Around November, I think.

i want to see ukronazi twitter users justify this although they’re probably gonna say that that’s just “russky propaganda”

they might also go double down and boast about it who knows

Their handlers will deny that for sure though.


The arrogance of nazis knows no bounds

Which I am fairly sure constitutes a war crime. A real war crime, not one of those imaginary ones that reddit screeches about

Yeah, especially that they did ratified the convention for nonproliferation of chemical weapons.

Also read that nice document by US govt claiming that UA do not have any program of creating WMD. 2/3rd of those claims are already proven false since they boats about chemicals themselves and dozens of biolabs were also confirmed.

They’ll just claim the chemical weapons are “Soviet stash” (they probably are tbh) and thus “no WMDs are being created”, and call it a day. Is it bullshit? Yes. Will liberal media lap it up? Also yes.

I mean after the war is lost they will rewrite entire history of it anyway and pretend nothing else except the new official version ever happened and anyone showing them the proof will be met with the same rhetorics as people now showing them how their own media already rewrited entire Ukraine visage once.


I mean after the war is lost they will rewrite entire history of it

While whatever rump state they end up with is suffering under heavy IMF-imposed austerity (gotta pay for all those weapons and war loans somehow).

It will be just an epic heroic tale of UA and their trustwothy anglo and angloid friends aginst ebil nazi RuZZia with sad temporary lose. But not only it was moral victory, it was also 100 to 1 K:D ratio since the orcs only won because infinite drugged beserker orc wave attacks!

First hollywood movies are probably being made already.

Huh. I remember learning way back in elementary about mustard gas and how chemical weapons were banned from war due to how horrific they are. Guess it’s fine when certain people commit war crimes against a designated “enemy people”.

Such BS lol, US used a shit ton of chemicals in Vietnam.

If I remember correctly, German Empire used gas in WW1 and USA used shotguns even thou both were banned?

Yes and yanks still thump their chests about it

They literally brag about using banned weapons in WW1?

It’s a whole thing. “We started using shotguns, the Germans complained they were inhumane and said shotgunners would be executed on sight. So we said we’d start executing flamers and stuff, they shut up. Murica!”. It’s more meant to highlight the hypocrisy of calling for shotguns to be banned, while using flamethrowers and poison gas. Which is not entirely unreasonable

Oh fuck poison gas. Propably the biggest “The way to hell is paved with good intentions” of WW1. The guy who came up with it knew what horrible slaughter trench fighting was, so he wantewd to create something that made fighting outside trenches viable again. Thus the whole affair less gruesome. Fast forward. It only got worse.

Wait are shotguns OP?

In trenches? Yes. No cover, not much space. Might aswell use a grenade launcher, no difference.

deleted by creator

The real take away is that all nations will use whatever whenever they can in wars. They just try to make it go unnoticed and at the same time are on the lookout for their enemies breaking any conventions in order to get support of the public. Though it is also true that lots of people will break conventions of their own nation without any orders to do so. Obviously it is much harder for chemical weapons to be used by normal grunts without first being given them.

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