A purchase, an app, a decision, anything

I limited my use of social media to 30min per day (used a time limit app to enforce it), it helped me regulate my time, having more time in the day to do stuff and going to bed early and waking up earlier

I also used a habits tracker (a bare bones app I found on f-droid) to track things I wanna do consistently like waking up early in the morning or going out on bike rides

Stopped drinking coffee. You would not believe how much positive impact it had on my life.

How so?

How much coffee did you drink before?

too much :)

Putting items back in a spot dedicated for them. I do this for damn near every item I own (I have an Excel inventory of most of the things I own and where they are stored).

I can’t remember the last time I actually lost something for good. Of course, not going out nearly as much over the last 2 years because of COVID played a role in that but it’s so nice to generally not have to worry about losing things. Plus it helps keep the place tidy.


(I have an Excel inventory of most of the things I own and where they are stored).

I have been personally wondering if this is a good idea/worth it. Since I’m moving to a new place in… ~oh wow it’s about two weeks now~, it will be possible to get this started without excluding anything that’s rarely used.

Any advice, or is it pretty straight-forward?


Setting up RSS to automatically notify me of new posts on my moderated communities.

Do you just open an rss reader every morning to read the updates or do you have some other way to get notified?


I have my RSS reader (emacs newsticker) opened by StumpWM everytime I boot. It works for now; but I think I eventually will just go and configure my .stumpwmrc to “fix” that.


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