Worst possible plot twist.

They are going to try it. The whole point of the Ukraine conflict is to weaken Russia to the point that it can’t assist China in the coming conflict. If the US does nothing it will be surpassed by China. The US possesses the most powerful military in the history of the planet and when confronted with a threat like this they are going to use their most potent tools to meet that threat. The decline of every major empire in history is bookmarked by a massive conflict and this will be no different. My only hope is the deteriorating material conditions of the US facilitate a popular uprising before it is too late.

Bold of them to assume that Amerika will have any chance by 2027


This is the key. If they wait too long they know they won’t have any chance of winning, which is why I am worried about the next 3-5 years before I think it’s just a slow subsidence.

There was a massive thunderstorm early this morning which woke me up and my waking up brain honestly thought it was a nuke. That is how I am thinking now.

Edit: Just want to say with how dark this comment is: life is great and we should not be afraid to enjoy it. I’m not saying we should live in fear, I was only saying that is where my mind was, not that it is correct to think that way. I was overreacting because I was groggy… and it was a really long thunderclap like 4-5 seconds easy and it lit up my bedroom.

Yeah, considering the massive geopolitical changes occurring now, Amerika will probably try something (e.g. increase tension w.r.t. Taiwan) sooner rather than later

I feel like the world is about to find out how long an empire can go when it does the wrong thing 100% of the time and is run entirely by total idiots.

The thing is, I’m not sure it is run by idiots considering how good they are at propaganda, and I don’t know if that’s more frightening than them actually being stupid

There are some like Mitch McConnell that I feel are actually not total idiots and just pure evil, but many are totally idiotic.

I think much of the ruling class has now bought into their own bullshit. Add in the reverse-meritocracy created by multi-generational wealth and here we are.

I was mainly thinking about the massive corporations (e.g. Raytheon) who seem to actually make the major decisions, but there’s definitely a fair amount of idiots among the politicians

they’re too busy making everyone believe its fine that they don’t fix any problems

I am reasonably confident that Amerika hasn’t fixed much for a very long time

My slight hope is that as Amerika becomes less and less economically powerful, its current allies will become more integrated with China and its allies by necessity

I know it’s not really possible, but how funny would it be if someone quietly decommissioned all US nuclear weapons, and made them seem like they’re still functional. Then, when the US launches them, they just do nothing. I can imagine the military scratching their heads going “Why isn’t this working?”

I wish

The planet’s safety is constantly at risk while USA has active working nuclear bombs, as soon as that threat is gone, we are safe and USA’s career is over.

Willing to wipe all life on Earth if their status as the global rent-taker is at risk. I am at loss for words.

Soviet Snake

China’s mainland: Its legitimate territory, apart from provinces they have been robbed.

US’s mainland: Its pillaged territory, apart from the colonies it has conquered.

I wouldn’t exactly call Amerikan colonies “not pillaged”

Posadas moment, except Amerikkka has the nuclear power to wipe all life on earth

The Union of Concerned Scientists state that exploding 5% of the world’s current stockpile would end the human species, either diredtly or via starvation from the nuclear winter. The USans could end us all without any other country retaliating.

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