India’s decision to send rescue teams to help with earthquake relief is timely, much needed and a sign of “true friendship”, said envoys from Turkey and Syria, countries hit hard by Monday’s earthquake that has claimed the lives of at least 4,500 people. India kickstarted the process of sending assistance to the quake-hit zone after a multi-agency meeting on Monday cleared the path for one of the largest humanitarian operations that New Delhi has carried out in the region in the recent past.

“The first 24-48 hours after a disaster of these proportions are the most critical, as there is hope that we can search and rescue the maximum number of those trapped in the rubble,” Turkish Ambassador Firat Sunel told The Hindu. “India’s offer of help at this critical time, sending nearly 100 experts and dog squads is very timely and very welcome,” he added.

Wrong thread

Not the wrong thread. India provided immediate assistance to Syria and Turkey. And it is missing from the list of countries in post image.

My computer is wonky. I saw this comment in completely different thread.

Lemmy’s been doing that sometimes since the update.

Cuba sent doctors trained in natural disasters triage and such to Syria

Is there anything I can do to help Syria as someone who, regrettably, lives in the west?

Educating your fellow peers on the truth about Syria, and push back against the Western narrative. Beyond that there are several charities that work directly with Syria that you could work with to help support efforts to donate medicine, food, water, clothing, sanitation supplies, and other essentials. Or you could volunteer your skills in many ways to support the organization (Everyone has an applicable skill).

What would be some of the charities that work directly with Syria? I would like to support the efforts if there is anything within reach for me.

I’d like to know some names too.

Why don’t other countries help? Everyone is helping and talking about Turkey but not Syria.

because Turkey is a wholesome NATO country and Syria is an evil dictatorship regime run by Dark Lord al-Assad

Just don’t ask r/Europe about Turkey.

Lil Kitai



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