At first I was a bit skeptical about the 14/88 thing, admittedly it did sound like it could plausibly have been 2 random numbers of tanks(maybe it is anyways it doesn’t really matter tbh it’s still being used to defend a client state of Imperialism) but after seeing this comment, idk. This almost makes me double down as illogical as that sounds. The entire analysis is ridiculous and I almost thought it was a joke.

Imagine a fraction of the Nazi symbols or memorabilia, etc showing up in Gaza. Libs would have everything they have ever wanted. The moral green light to let the IDF ethnically cleanse Gaza in nuclear fire.

well he wasn’t lying when he said that Azov is indistinguishable from other Ukrainian formations

“The Confederate Flag isn’t about slavery. It’s about heritage!”

Same energy.

Yeah, I don’t think saying Azov is indistinguishable from the rest of the Ukrainian armed forces is helping them beat the Nazi allegations….

This is how propaganda works. Make a reasonable statement (the numbers are just a coincidence) to grab people’s attention and make them relax, then shoot them with a sleugh of bullshit. Then preemptively slander disagreements as lies, misguided opinions or propaganda themselves.

(Insert flat earther joke here)

Until the last line I was sure they were being sarcastic, wtf man. How can someone list a string of highly unlikely councidences and go “the people saying these ‘coincidences’ overlapping with a very simple fact aren’t coincidences are the actual propagandists”

14: mental and physical age of my Nazi dragon waifu

88: multiply by 1000 to get her actual age, because we NAFO people aren’t pedophiles, you sicko

They made a whole sub just for this tank shit?


No, this is a tankie sub lol, it’s very good imo, it’s actually a funny coincidence that this post is about actual tanks, usually it’s just modern politics and a few memes. Check it out if you can stomach Reddit still

deleted by creator

“Akschually it’s a roman salute, not a Nazi salute” - favourite defense line of Nazis everywhere

What does that have yo do with Rick and Morty?

Last year Russian troops captured an Azov base, and the pictures released showed, along with the usual swastika mugs, flags, etc., several laptops with Rick and Morty stickers

thx for the explanation comrade

Sadly, not just Ukranians


That’s a new one for me lol

In Poland this once even stood in real court.

Oh damn, he’s almost right.

Except it’s the other way aroudn. Ukraine radicalized it’s non-extremist troops long ago and almost any Ukrainian formation is basically indistinguishable from Azov\Aidar\Tornado\Right Sector. That’s what rolling those early paramilitaries into national guard, police and army was all about. People from those were used for conditioning the rest.


Damn, that’s actually a very good point, all the regular lib soldiers become fascists and white supremacists when it’s all they are surrounded by

Take a look at these old fashioned weighing scales.

Behold, one side is heavier than the other. It is lower than the lighter side.

We can take weight off from the heavier side. The scales balance. Both sides would be at the same height.

Or we can add weight to the lighter side. The scales balance. Both sides would be at the same height.

But what we cannot do, is add weight to the lighter side, and watch it come into balance with the heavier side, while claiming that we took weight off the heavier side.

Neither can we take weight off the heavier side, watch the scales balance out, while claiming to have added weight to lighter side.

Two things may begin different and become indistinguishable. But their growing similarity, as an isolated fact, does not tell us which side changed.

Edit: typo x2

well…it’s just an unfortunate coincidence that they use the same symbols as nazis, they’re antisemitic as nazis and worship stepan bandera, who could be or not be a nazi collaborator

deleted by creator

Mathematically speaking, the more “coincidences” there are, the more likely that one of them is not a coincidence, and if one is not a coincidence, then that proves that the rest are not coincidences either.


It only takes a few threads to unravel the entire tapestry of lies

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