"East Palestine (Ohio) has toxic chemicals all over the city, killing pets and fish, while cops beat up journalists and MSM tells people all is gucci." on Hexbear
"Lots more information in the thread - pics, vids, articles. The thread might end up being deleted because Twitter does that shit all the time, so save the info. Heres some of it: That's a giant cloud of [vinyl chloride] and a ton of other bad chemicals. The local police blew it up like a beached whale, now megatoxins are Chernobyling Ohio and there's a news blackout and the police are beating reporters and camera people and dragging em. This environmental devastation will be visible from space for decades. The water is safe to drink but everything in it is suddenly dead. The next town over, the release instantly killed everyone's chickens. This stuff is catnip for human cancer. This will cast a massive acid rain shadow and destroy swaths of vegetation, leaving a path of ruin that will appear as if God himself took his thumb and smudged it over Ohio, Pennsylvania, and beyond."

Holy fuck its bad

its really fucking bad

It sucks that we can’t even trust the EPA completely as they lied about stuff like this before. Easiest example is 9/11 where they lied to first responders and residents saying the location was safe to be in when in fact it was still dangerous with many getting sick.

EPA says its safe, but how trustworthy are they? They broke public faith really bad there and the trustworthiness of the government has only declined. Plus as far as I know there haven’t been any independent groups checking the water and air so the only data we have has a strong chance of just being lies.

completely beside the point but god damn this site is almost worse than Lemmy.ml when it comes to being radlibs.


In my experience, its far better than Lemmy in every way, I do not like this comparison in the least

Yeah I was in a really bad mood and hadn’t eaten in a while. Lemmy is Hacker News levels of liberalism. Hexbear is Chapo subreddit longtimers. I am a testy mf and my familiarity with almost anything breeds contempt.

I was banned from hexbear for asking what the accusations against Virgil Texas were, shortly after he left the chapo trap house podcast (this was before it was all over twitter, I was genuinely curious.) No other issues or warnings prior to that.

Also that entire fork from lemmy seemed counterproductive.

What’s this about? I’ve not listened to CTH for about four years, so I’m well out the loop…

I’m still not sure. I think the accusation is that he once had an online relationship with a 16 or 17 year old girl.

local police blew it up like a beached whale

do what now

cops blew up the crashed chem tanker?

They performed a “controlled burn” which is a stupid idea. Basically they wanted to avoid the substances leaking in the river, so they decided to turn it all into acid rain with a dose of toxicity. When vinyl chloride burns, it turns into chlorine gas (also known by its WW1 weaponization name, mustard gad). Chlorine gas, when mixed with water, turns into hydrochloric acid. Which then comes down with the rain and at these concentrations, it can utterly destroy marine ecosystems (can’t handle the pH - why all those fish were floating dead), soil structure (lowers fertility for years), and corrodes plants and trees severely. The real kicker is that vinyl chloride has a really low boiling point. So when you try to burn it, a good amount will not actually burn but it will evaporate (turn into vinyl chloride gas). This gas is heavy and will linger at high concentrations near the surface (where, you know, most living things, including humans, live and breathe). This is what makes for that low, thick, dense cloud cover over the area. This stuff is quite toxic, and people who work with it are meant to be exposed to under 1 part per million per hour to stay safe. So, you know… Great job whoever presides over this mess!

And for the cherry on top. They later found out there were other, more toxic, chemicals in there that weren’t supposed to be burned.

They performed a “controlled burn” which is a stupid idea. Basically they wanted to avoid the substances leaking in the river, so they decided to turn it all into acid rain with a dose of toxicity.

Let’s be real. They didn’t give a damn about that river either. They just wanted those mangled traincars off the track so Norfolk Southern could resume operations ASAP. The only thought which occurred to them was “what is the fastest way to get this thing out of here?” So they opted for the Florence, Oregon beached whale removal strategy.

You are absolutely right!

jesus christ so they just dispersed the pollution even further

As someone else said, preventing pollution was probably just pretext. They most likely did it to clear the tracks quickly.

oh god. that makes sense

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Fucking collpase, fucking collapse already, your whole country is worthless, you just bring suffering to the world, fuxking kill yourself already.

so basically what they accused Syria’s government of doing with zero evidence

President Assad should intervene to save the American people from the Biden regime.

Soviet Snake

deleted by creator

I feel like it does need to be stated that major news orgs are talking about the derailment and the chemicals, CNN put up an article just today for example. Plus it’s been top trending on Twitter for like 4 days now. So any claim that no one’s talking about it is a lie. They haven’t raised the alarm and aren’t doing an hour by hour news cycle though.

I expect we’ll see some more coverage if bodies start piling up though.

When I’m bored I would just go on Google and type in world news today, guess what, only the first day they mentioned Ohio had a train crash, every other day not a single mentioned of it on the front page. Everything is “Chinese spy balloon” and “not ruling out Aliens” with a few mention of Turkey and Ukraine in between. Not that no one is talking about it, but there’s an obvious effort in avoiding mentioning it in the MSM.

I know none of y’all are experts (or maybe you are, shout-out to the water purification specialist comrades) but… should I be drinking the tap water in IL rn? Should I be filtering it?

I keep aquarium fish, and with them you cannot use tap water due to chlorine in it. You either have to let it air out for a couple of days or better yet, use a water conditioner. Its not going to kill you if you drink chlorine water, but i imagine it wouldnt be good for your health.

You shouldn’t be drinking from the tap anyway silly. Get a filter.

What’s the basis for that statement? I’m curious, as I’ve never had issues drinking from the tap in Canada/US/Europe. That being said maybe it is indeed prudent not to given the state of public infrastructure in those areas.

PFAS chemicals are in everyone’s water. Let’s not take any chances. Get your fluoride and minerals from other sources

I used to live in an area with a lot of Alkaline in the soil so it got drilled into me.

Been conditioned in me that the fluoridation in tap water was important in maintaining healthy teeth and that only conspiracists and the naive used filters. But I’m definitely staying away from the (unfiltered) tap water for at least a while, maybe forever.

Fluoride is good for teeth but last I checked the concentration and method of delivery in the drinking water makes it almost useless

Fluoride is good though so maybe just brush your teeth more or get a fluoride pill.

There’s some flouride in tea, too, I believe.


this is absolutely terrible. i don’t understand how someone can look at this situation and how the us responded to it and not think that the us simply doesn’t care about american civilians

It’s appalling how I’ve heard absolutely nothing about this from any mainstream news outlets. Literally just Lemmygrad and independent journalists on YouTube. Anyone else think the balloon bs was pushed so hard as a distraction?

It was probably partly this, partly to save face on Blinken canceling his Beijing trip, and partly to distract from the Sy Hersh Nordstream exposé, maybe even to distract from Russian advances in Donbas. A lot has happened in the last two weeks.


yeah, there’s no way the balloon situation wasn’t used as a distraction

If we lived in an even remotely just society the heads of all these rail companies and their lobbyists would be stung up by their own entrails for this heinous shit.

Oh oh oh! Quartering by train!

I’m a great advocate of sociopathic capitalists being taken out of the gene pool by means of their own medicine.

In Minecraft of course.

We not on Reddit, full poetics justice murderhobo mode

Holy mother of … Thank god I live out of the way of this nightmare.

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