At their website, the author said they’re using Microsoft App Center, so you might want to disable the app’s access to the internet.


I’ve used UntrackMe for some time, but I felt that it misses some sites that I frequently using. So after searching a bit, I ran into Tarnhelm, which one of it’s feature let the user to kinda mimic UntrackMe manually. It will copy the changed URL when you Tarnhelm-copy at the copy menu (or when you copy if you use LSposed or background monitor features).


  1. Download Tarnhelm (F-droid / LSposed)
  2. Go to “Rules” -> “Regexes”
  3. There are two options to go from here
  • Copy one of the followed codes on the list below, then click on add and then click on the paste (note that you might need to change some of the instances).
  • Add a rule manually.
  1. Profit!

Feel free to add rules at the comment section. Actually, please do lol. Hope you’ll find it as useful as I did :)

The list:

YouTube ->


reddit -> teddit:


Medium -> Scribe


imgur -> rimgo


Quora -> quetre


Twitter -> Nitter

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