New Rule: A Woke Revolution | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
The problem with communism – and with some very recent ideologies here at home – is that they think you can change reality by screaming at it.

More and more lib personalities are coming out as reactionaries and fascists as the west keeps collapsing.

As a conservative I never thought I’d be applauding and laughing so hard at Mr. Maher’s monologue. But he gets it!!…this wokism has gone too far and I’m glad someone like him is speaking out!! Well done sir!!

This top YouTube comment says it all about USA as a nation, and about its citizens. One half of their citizens is conservative and the other is neoliberal, and both are on the same page when it comes to socialism/communism. It is safe to say that this entire country, bar the tiniest fraction that includes the future generation kids/zoomers or the socialists, are quite insane and… “so drunk on their own purifying elixir” (as Maher said in video) of illusion of democracy and self-proclaimed human rights advocacy.

On watching the full video, and after one little downvote, I am adamant about my opinion. He is just being honest about how citizens in that country generally think and keep hush about it. It pisses me off how insensitive and immoral weasel this prick really is, playing off of the cultural stereotypical media brainrot people have been conditioned with for decades.

>1920: Communism is the hottest thing in town.

>2020: Fascism is the hottest thing in town.


Maher has always been pretty fascist. He just hid it with snarky commentary.

Ever since that mf felt comfortable to refer to himself as a ‘house nigga’ (soft-a, at that) on his show, I knew this shit was coming. Crackery is as crackery does.

Never heard of this guy but just from looking at his face I already hate him.

Bill maher’s reactionary turn isn’t new, neither is his racism, fascism, or islamophobia, etc… He has been out but I get what you are saying.

this is unsurprising

I have no clue who he is

Liberal commentator and wannabe intellectual with a HBO show. He claims he is against all religions, but hates Muslims just that much more but promotes Zionism. He also used to feature guests that promote race science and IQ bullshit. There are a few episodes of citations needed podcast on him I think that summarize his bullshit quite well.

He’s like Sam Harris.

Harris was a recurring guest on Maher’s show so no surprise.


What is the difference between Bill Mahr and an Ayn Rand Libertarian at this point?

The latter gets more government money.

not much, and he kind of always was just that

All liberals are reactionary.

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