Why is there Palestine in Ohio? There is only one Palestine and it’s Palestine.

Fr, really confused when I found out there is Palestine in Ohio.

I think they want ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Palestine and expected them to migrate to Palestine, Ohio. Just my tinfoil hat theory.


BIG part of settler-colonial states is that you gotta change the names of the places you conquer. The US, Canada, and Isntreal are the starkest examples… settlements with hundreds of years of history got renamed after some fkn dentist or some shit decided to buy a few houses and name the town after himself.

I love how they acknowledge the existence of Palestine, Ohio and not Palestine, Palestine.

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Tbh there are lots of copycat city names in the USA, my gf used to live in St Petersburg Florida lol(should be Leningrad, Florida but whatevs)There’s plenty of weird ones like Athens Ohio, Berlin Wisconsin, Budapest Georgia, Dublin California. Not very creative but I wouldn’t be either with how large the US can be, and at the very least it makes Americans know other places in the world bc lord knows our education system isn’t

there is also a palestine in Texas

TLDR colonizers are bad at making up new names

There’s also a Palestine in Arkansas and Illinois

Usonians love Palestine this much yet they support Isn’trael.

Really makes you think.

I love how ridiculous it is that so many of our cities (and states) are just some other city or country name but with “New” prepended to it.

When the 3rd wave of space colonisation will be a thing we will see the towns named New New New New York.

Palestine is in all our hearts and minds comrade.

There is Paris in Russia.

There’s also Paryż (Paris) in Greater Poland and Włochy (Italy) a district of Warsaw.

But wildest bangers are (unsurprisingly) near Vilnius in Lithuania. I was there once and i had to check map if they arent fucking kidding me after i saw this: there is a string of three villages on the outskirts along the road, they are named:

Mažoji Riešė, Riešė, Didžioji Riešė

In english - Small Reich, Reich, and Great Reich

To make it even more sus, those are basically polish villages (Piłsudski even had house in one of them), there’s still 1/3rd of Poles there so the boards say names in polish too: Mała Rzesza, Rzesza i Wielka Rzesza.

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