Better motivator and speaker? He was held together with paperclips and string with his revolving doctors pumping him full of steroids and vitamins for chronic bowel problems, general fatigue, and spasms until his main squeeze just said fuck it and gave him meth and coke injections so much so he had aides injecting him in public.

Hitler didn’t have modern technology he had 1930s and 1940s technology /s

Let’s see.

Hitler had a better economy I wouldn’t call a system based on invading other people’s countries and stealing all their shit an “economy.” Hitler had better generals Most of them were incompetent fools who were blinded by ambition or threatened with violence. Hitler had modern technology His soldiers were using Kar98ks for most of the war. The 98 stands for 1898. Hitler trained his soldiers better Nazi “training” involved being brainwashed into hating minorities and being given copious amounts of meth. Hitler had better logistics His army was supplied by horse-drawn carriages while everyone else was using trucks. Hitler equipped his soldiers One of the big reasons it was so easy for the Soviets to stop Barbarossa was because the Germans weren’t equipped properly. Hitler was a better speaker Lol. Lmao. Hitler was a better motivator LOL. LMAO. ROFL, IF YOU SO PLEASE.

I am not even gonna check who Lloyd bentsen is because who the fuck gives a shit. Libs thinking quoting obscure authority figures makes them smart lol.

Some shitheel politician from Texas, never did anything memorable.

Lloyd bentsen

So…I did the search, and what the guy paraphrase was simply the “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy” during a debate.

Nothing else. Just that one sentense.

The rest of the comment is merely a mixture of Ukraine propaganda and Wehraboo fantasy.

Thanks for the research, they are making paraphrasing do a lot of heavy lifting.

Sooooo he just admitted that Putin isn’t trying to be Hitler.

And they made it sound like it was a bad thing? So bizarre.

It’s the whole “USSR was worse than Nazis” and “Putin is worse than Hitler” shtick which is the stepping stone to finally reaching the “Hitler wasn’t that bad” lib.

Wheraboos blow their cover so easily with the “modern technology” line, because it is completely separate of reality. Germany began the war with a vast array of aging interwar designs, and they spent the entire war playing catchup with the Soviet Union and US, who far exceeded them in technology.

Kar 98? Aging design. MP40? Poor design and far to few of them compared to Americans and Soviet submachine gun designs. Pz1, Pz2, Pz38? Horribly obsolete tanks that were barely better then tankettes. Do-17, Ju-87? Obsolete, slow, and poorly armed airframes.

Germany did not start the war with “superior technology”.

Quick question, I was always taught in school that blitzkrieg was enabled by innovations in tank technology. If it’s not that, what enabled Hitler to (briefly) overwhelm much of Europe?

Blitzkrieg only worked because the Germans had the element of surprise. They were able to break France because the Allies didn’t expect them to go through the Ardennes. They were able to push so deep into the USSR because the Soviets didn’t expect them to attack for another two years at least.

Had the Allies had the foresight or at least the sense to not leave a big gap in their frontline, the German war machine would’ve ground to a halt before it even got moving.

First off, while the Pz2 and Pz38 were horrifically obsolete by the start of the war, they were still leagues better then what weaker nations such as Poland, Denmark, Norway, the Dutch, Yugoslavia, etc were fielding. Same goes for aircraft and infantry weapons.

Second, blitzkrieg was not used at the start of the war, as it was only really developed for the attack on France and the Soviet Union. The battles of Poland and other parts of Europe was essentially just overwhelming strength, as no one was prepared or ready for a war. Thats why Germany stomped most of Europe, but began faltering heavily once it took on actual military powers such as the UK/Commonwealth, and the USSR.

The Fall of France was also mainly just absolute dumb luck on the part of the Germans, and a horrific blunder of military tactics and logistics on the part of the British and French. After that initial blunder the French army practically collapsed due to fatigue still felt by the country after WW1.

I wanna say the blitzkrieg worked because everyone was high on meth.

Nazis drew some weird lines. Coke and heroin? Degenerate Jewish filth. Meth? Coat that shit in sugar and caffeine and sell it on shelves until you make it “prescription only” (but made it easier to get than California medical weed before full legalization). I get the reasoning behind it materially: meth is cheap, synthetic, long lasting, addictive and great for a psycho economy who constantly increased work hours and quotas so they could increase production and develop domestic productive forces to satiate the ever increasing hunger for capital and thirst for blood of the bourgeoisie while at the same time combating revolutionary elements so those proles don’t develop ideologically as well so you can use them to murder millions enslave billions. All those pharmaceutical labs and pill presses you either just seized through genocide or co-opted by either threatening, bribing, union busting, or some combination in the contemporary dominant global pharmaceutical cartel of mid 19-20th century Germany come in handy when those gears need faster grinding and sanctions don’t prevent access to other stimulants. I just have no fuckin clue how you advertise to make meth better looking than coke tho.

B-but muh Tiger! Muh V2! AKSCHUALLY commies stole PPSh from Finns! AKSCHUALLY T-34 was terrible!

(The last one I have witnessed no later than today morning)

People talk about how the T-34 broke down easily as if a tank that breaks down relatively more often but can be easily repaired or replaced isn’t objectively superior to a hunk of shit that’s impossible to repair and ridiculously expensive to replace when it inevitably breaks down and can’t go across bridges because of how heavy it is.

Yes, he was definitely a better motivator. Really motivated Stalin to destroy the Nazis.

They had better drugs for sure

Is this citing a wehraboo fantasy or something?


Hitler had better logistics

Imagine for a second actually believing all the chatter about Russian soldiers going into battle with sticks and rocks.

I mean, Western equipment does occasionally end up on their side

Oh but they do. Both about WW2 and the current affairs

He definitely laid the foundation to setup the best catch all trap for all future Nazis a century later. Quite the foresight.

A motivator to throw nazis into the pit.

Maybe they hit a wall on the way down

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