11, but nowhere near as much as the US Government.

Yes, Ukronazi central

Hard 10. Fuck 'em and the set they claim

A solid 10 right now. They’re doing everything they can to be objectively horrendous. Useless PM who’s only PM cause his dad was, Ukronazi Deputy PM and maybe soon-to-be NATO secretary, fucking MAiD instead of the promised healthcare reform, using paramilitary to go after indigenous people and environmental activists… I’m definitely forgetting a bunch.

How much I hate the US but minus 1. So infinity minus 1.

Provincial? 10, I’d make it higher but I’ll stick to the scale.

Federal? Like, 9.5, I’d give them higher but I flip flop due to how conservatives have been acting up. Any valid criticism gets drowned out by reactionary dumbasses complaining about stupid shit.

Actually, I’ll bump it up to a 10 because of the war mongering, talking shit about China, supporting “victims of communism”, and just stirring up reactionaries even more.

I don’t like Trudeau but my hatred for Danielle Smith outweighs.

I try not to think about Alberta politics too much, but when the Ralph Klein years seem good in comparison you know something has gone terribly wrong.

Unfortunately I live in Alberta so I kinda have to think about it

Yeah I get it. I left but I’ve still got family there.

I hope it’s better wherever you went!

About a 9.8

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