Hobby Club’s Missing Balloon Feared Shot Down By USAF | Aviation Week Network
Although the club is not pointing fingers, there are suspicions among other prominent members of the small, pico-ballooning enthusiasts community.

the MIC just wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on heat-seeking gizmos and fancy overpriced Raytheon missiles just to shoot down some kid’s science project

I love how fast they go from an article saying it’s “suspected spy balloon” to citing it as a fact in the next. I bet people will start messing with them if they keep being so trigger happy.

I really want China to just build hundreds/thousands of shitty weather balloons and release them slowly over time just to cause western countries to freak out and waste their munitions on them. Release them form shipping vessels and stuff, all over the world so it’s not immediately obvious where they are coming from and who’s doing it.

Seems like good Praxis by anyone lol, like it costs 10 bucks.

ngl this is hilarious af. these dudes be doing unintentional praxis.


Maybe they should have tried shooting down the toxic fume caused by a train crash in their own country

Well they kind of did. That’s why the lit it on fire me thinks.

The only way I can explain this occurrence is if the air force is literally just going around shooting down random balloons now, which I find hilarious. They are so scared by a weather balloon that they proceed to (try to) shoot down every balloon they see. This is the “most advanced military in the world” right here.

If balloons are giving them such trouble, China might as well go ahead and make a Kirov irl.

For real, some Kirov reporting: 克若卜 报告 or 克若不 报告

TIL chinese doesnt seem to have a ki- sound, nor a ro- sound, and they end every damn sillable with a vowel, an -n or an -ng. I appreciate the consistency, but not the incompleteness.

Resources: https://chinese.yabla.com/chinese-pinyin-chart.php - https://www.archchinese.com/type_chinese.html

Ohhh, that’s interesting. Although a Chinese one, I’d give either the name of one of the grassroots revolutionaries, or the name of the first PLAIF commander, Liu Yalou.

Funny enough, both the Brazilian military during the Rousseff era and the late USSR and 2000s Russia AFs were considering using airships as heavy cargo haulers or drone hives. Seeing how hard a large slow object was to detect, the idea might have some merits.

Don’t forget that they MISSED with the first missile they fired. Meaning that a hobby balloon was able to evade the tracking and guidance systems on board the most “advanced” US aircraft.

You’re kidding. Are you kidding? Please tell me there’s a source


‘‘strongest army in the world’’, folks!

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