Why must they be like this

So… state?

“Would this toolbox help us build a cabin, do you think?”

“Yes. But empty it first, the tools are just dead weight.”

“…Are you sure?”

“Yes. We can’t shelter inside the toolbox and complain about how hard it is to build a cabin if it’s filled with hammers and drills other tankie shit.”

“But I don’t think we can shelter in the toolbox, it’s not big enough. Maybe we could use the tools to-”

“Of course it isn’t big enough! It’s designed by a tankie. An Anarchist would have designed a bigger toolbox.”

“But would an anarchist have built a bigger toolbox?”

“Irrelevant! I refuse to compromise on the purity of my vision for a comically large tool box.”


Anarchist revolutionary success count in its 200+ year history: zero.

An entire ideology built on failure, that seems to embrace it. Given its failure rate, anarchism should only be studied as a historical curiosity, and nothing more.

Meanwhile the Marxist-Leninist measure of success is bringing millions of people out of poverty, which anarchists do nothing but complain about.

Anarchists supporting US imperialism in Syria and pretending it’s left is all you need to know. In addition, they also joined Ukrainian neonazi groups (not the armed forces which may have plausible deniability on the subject). That means they aren’t even against violent revolution. Just imperialist stooges with rebel aesthetics.

That’s not to say there aren’t well principled anarchists out there. Although, how they plan to overcome state power is a discussion to be had at that point.

Just about any anarchist forums you come across is gonna be a Fed run psy-op. It’s not even worth it to talk to them because the majority of the user base is probably working out of an air force base in Virginia.

Everything he says in State and Revolution right up until he starts talking about how to do a revolution

It’s in the fucking title you twat

Peak Lenin answer.

So what the fuck is even the point of anarchism? I figured the only way they’d ever “succeed” is with a revolution.

Someone on here put it better than I could have once when describing American anarchists, that they basically just want to vibe on a commune with their friends

I was on a discord server with liberals and anarkiddies who wanted to plan to make a commune, but I got banned for “Mao-Ze-Dong Apologia” and one of the organizers was extremely anti-Castro.

How can one be anti-Castro? He had to quote him “moral armor” he is the kind of guy I would have a chocolate milkshake with

Indoctrination by a Cuban exile parent. I tracked them down a few months later and DMed them a couple of BE vids and they just responded “my grandma’s anecdotal experience invalidates anything a researcher or person who looks into history could say”.

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Being the most special snowflake of them all. You can think you’re the underdog, but also perfect while everyone else is shit.


Anarchists think having success in a revolution is just having pure ideas, and the capitalist armies all leave you alone for no reason at all.

If we defeat the capitalists in the marketplace of ideas, then their armies will put down their guns and join us because our vision is so pure and good. /s

Yet they still can’t do it despite something around two centuries of trying. That seems to indicate that either their ideology is crap to begin with or the marketplace if ideas actually don’t exist in which case again, their ideology is crap.

Literally page 2 explains the sole function of the state as a tool of oppression for the purpose of serving class interests and its existence is evidence of the existence of class antagonisms.

No way you read that, understand it, and then make a comment like what’s displayed here.

I just had one of those conversation with seemingly most clueless ultra ever, about DPRK. When pointed he must be part of COINTELPRO because nobody is this idiotic, he suddenly changed the topic and asked about Khrushchev using a lot of marxist terms while 30 minutes before he only talked liberal vocabulary, lmao.

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