If this doesn’t succinctly visualize class warfare I don’t know what would

I mean we found out that almost every rich person was going to an island to do terrible things and nothing came of it. By yeah I agree, this is visually way more obvious.

Yeah but America is so batshit insane that the Epstein Island was angled more from a tabloid style Mega Bohemian Grove sized sex crime scandal and Hollywood-esque portrayal of espionage and assassination that could be blamed on anyone to fuel a fomenting fear of the (((elites))) (or whatever scapegoat open fash America conjures up) that could’ve been done by anyone instead of a radicalization and splintering of different factions of the bourgeoisie and the most complex human trafficking ring and intel network to either honeypot, blackmail, or… ugh… tempt world leaders and executives because debts traps, covert ops, proxy or full on wars, and inherit contradictions of production and exchange between colonized, colonizer, imperial, imperialized, and countries of unequal development weren’t enough for a hegemonic global empire.

Yeah you are right, they essentially turned that into a gossip column instead of investigating further because why would they. That would have unraveled a lot of structural issues.

Looks like we finally found the WMDs.

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