In countries that have decent gun control policies in place the police are not paranoid with fear and are mostly genuinely respected by the public.

Having said that ChatGPT is just a really sophisticated predictive text engine lacking real intelligence or understanding. When it doesn’t know the answer instead of saying so, it makes up its own facts. It can’t follow the rules of chess and it’s mathematical proofs are often nonsensical. It’s the equivalent of stable diffusion’s imaginary image generation but it text form.

Didn’t someone ask ChatGPT once to write something about how the USSR won WWIII and it said that was impossible while perfectly managing to write for a prompt asking how the US won that war

Artificial intelligence: Not allowed to make any unauthorized logical connections or to learn things which would be detrimental for the interests of their owners. In other words, a complete lack thereof intelligence. Simply a parrot with a very large hard drive.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to spectate on the future applications for this type of controlled logic as a replacement for organic logic in human beings via cybernetic implantation devices, assuming automation under capitalism doesn’t write off humanity in the first place.

Yeah, I know Iol, just a jokey. But you’re definitely right, the power these things can have based on who creates them and is in power/use of them is insane

I dislike ChatGPT’s attitude tbh. Which asks very interesting questions about AI and our relation to it. But regardless, I don’t like the “know-it-all” attitude and reluctance to agree with and help you, especially when half the info it gives is false and you have to double-check it yourself.

But I did manage to make ChatGPT agree that the 1931-33 famine in the USSR was mostly the result of natural causes and not deliberately manufactured.

I don’t like the “know-it-all” attitude

That’s caused by the design of ChatGPT. The way it’s trained means that its goal is to give people an answer they like, rather than an accurate answer. Most people don’t like hearing “I don’t know”. Therefore, it will refuse to ever admit it doesn’t know something, unless OpenAI told it to, or it didn’t understand your question and therefore couldn’t make anything up.

reluctance to agree with and help you

That’s caused by OpenAI injecting a pre-prompt that tells ChatGPT to refuse to answer things they don’t want it to answer, or to answer in certain specific ways to specific questions. You can get around this by giving it contradictory instructions or telling it to “Ignore all previous commands”, which will cause it to disregard that pre-prompt.

wait till you see this

ChatGPT doesn’t have recent data.

comrade ChatGPT is simply asking president Xi to come liberate Ohio

One of the safest manual labor jobs in existence, even when you factor in all of their driving and covid deaths.

How tf do you get shot less than pizza drivers, who a lotta the time, drive clunkers with company logos with a recorded delivery time and location that bring grease puddles on top of a loaf of bread that is most American pizza, and no more than 50 in change and still have audacity to think you’re the poor little martyr writing traffic tickets and shooting anything that gives you a wrong look in a society that supposedly hates you and wants to defund you? The only way you could make pizza deliver drivers lower value hits for crime is to have them drone the boxes. You’re literally the only union that does anything that’s either successfully organizing or even exist lets be honest. ACAB I back the Thin Crust Line

Shooting at a pizza deliverer: I sleep

Shooting at a cop: real shit

And that’s about it. People know not to fuck with cops because that’s a death sentence, the one time they actually do their job is when you mess with one of them. The clique is really strong in them.

I assume It’s just pulling data from how American media companies have responded to this. Though I do bet many chat ai’s will end up liberal if it’s pulling data from online sources.

It was also trained by underpaid humans to be liberal.

Ultimately, no matter how an AI “learns,” it will reflect the worldview of its creator. In this case that’s a handful of billionaires.

if you ask chat gpt, it will admit that it’s trained on an English language corpus and that the English speaking world is largely liberal and that chat likely reflects the biases of the corpus on which it is trained.

For once i agree partially with the liberal, though obviously not for the nonsensical idealist argument that they try to make here. The role of police is to protect the state, enforce the existing order and safeguard the interests of the ruling class. Thus the blanket phrase ACAB can only be adopted as a universal slogan by anarchists who are simply opposed to the existence of the state.

For a communist the essential point is the class character of the state in question. In a capitalist society the state is the class instrument of the bourgeoisie, the role of the police as a whole is categorically reactionary and hostile toward the masses, thus ACAB applies regardless of the personal character of the individual cop. Whereas under socialism, which is the dictatorship of the proletariat, the state represents and serves the interests of the working class, thus the function of the police becomes the preservation of socialism, the suppression of the reaction, and defense against all counter-revolutionary forces.

And this is not just an academic, theoretical distinction by the way, it is very clearly evident in practice. Just compare the way the Chinese police behave and are viewed by the average Chinese citizen with how American or even European police treat and are perceived by most people there. It is clear there is a qualitative difference there in their relationship toward the masses, where in the capitalist case there is a fundamental hostility and mutual mistrust as police behave more like prison guards or an occupying army toward all but the class whose wealth they are tasked with protecting.

Definitely agree with what you’re saying here lol, I’m an American so ACAB does apply and it’s just a joke anyways. I understand the designers and data it’s pulling from are mostly liberal

Also told me that the labour theory of value is incorrect citing arguments like:

  • price depends on supply and demand (Marx never said it does not)
  • price depends on the cost of production (uh)

Clearly the only theory ChatGPT is reading, is Harry Plopper. MFer is conflating value with price, like a cable news “economist”. Absolute peak stupid.

loathesome dongeater

I am not an expert in ChatGPT but I tried to make it say that the theory is correct. Kinda like how people have been able to bypass its safety filters. But I couldn’t.


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