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Hey, buddy, it’s time to go outside for a while now


It’s either “touch some grass” or “lay off the grass.” Possibly both.

Least hateful American.

Meanwhile, I’m just here sitting in the state of Ohio just simply not wanting to have fucking toxic fumes blowing into my fucking house because no one can bother to give a shit about placing their attention towards things that could actually make life better here.

What a pathetic excuse of a human being. I want to know what this person has done and continues to do in their day to day life. How much you wanna bet they’ve never been faced with any type of conflict in their entire life.

I’m willing to bet 50 Xibucks

folk legends will be told for centuries

not while we’re fighting the climate wars in a dystopian hellscape they won’t

But wait, there’s more. It didn’t immediately occur to me that I had clicked on a reddit link and was reading something that was said in full seriousness. I was about halfway through the top post before I realized the guy wasn’t spooffing.

I have a hard time deciding whether the first or last comment is more revealing.

It’s pretty moderate. Look what happened to Baghdad and Iraq’s infrastructure in the Gulf War when Sadam refused to fuck off. Putin getting pushed out of Ukraine with a crippled military but intact country is more than the Russians deserve and they’re only going to be lucky enough to get that because of the leverage of nuclear weapons. If fusing atoms wasn’t a thing you could do anymore the USAF would have been dropping ordnance on red square 6 months ago.

Where do I start? First they just openly admit what they did in Iraq. Second, they read the top comment and conclude that it is a moderate response as per Iraq. But last, they think the only thing preventing the US from winning this war is the threat of nuclear escalation. The US can’t win a conventional war with Russia. It never could. The whole reason for the cold war was because the US knew it couldn’t win a conventional war against the USSR or an economic war against them if they were allowed to integrate with Europe.

Americans are capable of supporting so much and cheering on such destruction out of an over-estimation of their own military and economic abilities. Even now. Even after the total embarrassment of Ukraine, which followed immediately after the failure in Afghanistan, they still think that the US military is the strongest military in the world. There’s always some excuse to keep believing the bullshit.

I’m sorry but the US needs to learn a lesson and I hope it get’s the opportunity it can’t stop looking for.

KiG V2

They are both so disturbing because of the suffering they wish on everyday people.

These people think the Russian army is 100% unwilling conscripts, yet they want every single Russian soldier to die? They think that anything short of total annihilation of the country is “more than the Russians deserve.”

Like I can forgive the painful ignorance of thinking Putin is Hitler or that Russia as a state is the bad guys in this scenario. But wishing deaths upon millions of their soldiers and civilians and an entire civilization l is the scummiest, most psychopathic thing I’ve seen in a minute.

They literally had to exit Afghanistan, Isntrael (American colony) got its ass whopped in 2006 in Lebanon. Their Saudi proxies and them are getting nowhere in Yemen. It’s so crazy. They are good at killing and confused it with being good at fighting. They aren’t the same.

Iran would mop the floor with Saudi Arabia if they fought, especially after we saw in Yemen, Isn’t real would be obliterated by everyone around them and USA well, loses against Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan etc

932 upvotes wow. But Russian and Chinese people are the brainwashed ones, ok Reddit 🙄

We shall fight in the Ukraine, we shall fight on Twitter and Facebook, we shall fight on Reddit, we shall fight on the Wikipedia pages, We shall never surrender.

-Churchill? Maybe idk


Imagine being mad at a bridge

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“Appeasing dictators is for pussies”

Proceeds to bootlick nazi dictatorship and their imperial masters


absolutely normal behaviour, very wholesome 100.

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