I wonder what those tattoos look like, hmm

He looks like he hasn’t slept in days

Its a common thing for fighter pilots that crash, even sometimes after car crashes your eyes get all bloodshot and swollen from impact.

The insidious spiritual corruption of fascism is worse than I thought. It’s making even Soviet-built tech assimilate to the level of an F-35.

Why would one even waste a jet hunting a bomb moped to begin with? It’s not a big UAV, like a global hawk or something, it’s not a cruise missile. Shouldn’t that be a job of portable air defenses? Igla and the like? Hasn’t EU and USA send them some of those as well? I distinctly remember Germany promising some air defenses.


EU and USA

Right now the US government is right in the middle of a major freakout about “unidentified flying objects,” and is sending out fighter jets to hunt what are probably just commercial drones or our own weather balloons. I wouldn’t expect them to be offering the best solutions here.

Their air defense is unable to destroy Shahed drones lol

Because they seem to be geared towards bigger targets - judging by Russian MoD reports on downed helicopters. That’s why I mentioned hand-held systems specifically

i imagine they are using whatever they can, probably cant be took picky considering they have run thru like 3 armies worth of equipment

Ukraine’s army is a zombie raise, against its will by the west at this point

I hope the west does give them fighter jets just so they lose them all. Better they are lost in Ukraine than loitering in the air in Yemen.

They’ll be loitering in the air in Kursk oblast then. Because they will not be used for actual combat, just like HIMARS and other shit.

Oh I was not aware of that. Weren’t they saying himars is performing beyond their wildest dreams on the battlefield.

Possibly, I don’t pay too close of an attention to UA propaganda. Comrade @ivy@lemmygrad.ml had posted several instances of HIMARS being used to target civilians, however

Even if they do, it will take months for them to reach the battlefield.

Aww, the pilot survived… that’s a shame.

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