This is some Nazi Germany, “Jews kidnap and drain the blood of children and animals” level propaganda.

Which of these is the WORST COUNTRY on EARTH?

  • A. America
  • B. China
  • C. Israel
  • D. Japan

TRUE or FALSE: Giving food and shelter to the homeless will not force the enslavement and genocide of middle‐class billionaires.

  • True
  • False

Which of these countries HAS NOT banned FREEDOM?

  • A. Russia
  • B. America
  • C. North Korea
  • D. Africa

middle‐class billionaires


As opposed to leaders of other political parties worldwide, which are decided by popular vote.

TRUE or FALSE: Justin, Canada’s leader, was voted on by the people of Canada.

TRUE or FALSE: Olaf, Germany’s leader, was voted on by the people of Germany.

TRUE or FALSE: Rishi, England’s leader, was voted on by the people of England.

I make the same joke every time I see this posted, because every part of the question is that stupid.

TRUE or FALSE: Mette, Denmark’s leader, was voted on by the people of Denmark.

TRUE or FALSE: Margrethe, Denmark’s leader, was voted on by the people of Denmark.

TRUE or FALSE: Charles, England’s leader, was voted on by the people of England.

I also remember learning about evil China in sixth grade in Canada. We learned a very one sided version of the one child policy and the western version of Tiananmen Square. As a ten or eleven year old it was of course very shocking and emotional. Somehow I remember a story of a man being run over by a tank - this could be my own conflation of memories or a work of fiction we were read.

Western schools literally cut the video so you don’t see the part where the bicycle dude literally just rides up to the tank and has a minute long conversation with Tank Man and then they literally just walk off together. I showed that to a student and they said that all those guys literally just standing by the road at that point were “undercover policemen” who shot him and dumped him in a sewer. I ask him to prove it, and he’s just like “well I saw a NAFO tweet” 💀 💀 💀


Gonna come out in ten years that Tank Man was the tank driver’s father, and he was mad that his son hadn’t picked up something from the grocery store which he said he was going to pick up. (Hence the grocery bags and climbing up on the tank).

True or false: the British prime minister was voted on by the ‘people’ of the UK?


pure propaganda

Somehow, exposing that you live in Carrollton, Texas and the exact school you go to on the internet just doesn’t really seem like a good idea

And Xi was democratically elected, I don’t know where they get their shit from


This isn’t my school, nor do I live there, nor am I in school at all! I just found this on twitter from a parent’s child who did go to this school

Hah, try to deny systemic racism now, liberals!

Why do they call Xi his first name? It’s like saying “Joe, America’s leader”

Never once have I heard them call trump “donald” or Putin “Vladimir”

They did mix up Abe Shinzo tho, sometimes they call him “Shinzo Abe” because Abe is his family name

The idiots probably thought it was his last name 💀

That’s definitely it. They’re literally teaching kids about China while they’re completely illiterate about China.

they’re illiterate period

They are to ignorant to understand local naming conventions.

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