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Is China really supplying weapons to Russia or is it just a propaganda?

Even Western sources just say that China is “considering” it and that they currently are not

Will Syria become an AES if Assad’s faction win the civil war?

It’d be a very based state but I don’t know if it’d be AES proper

any youtube videos or channels about Cuba and Fidel

Any thoughts on Gramsci? He is rarely discussed here


I blocked shit reactionary says a few weeks back and I have to say my scrolling experience in this site has just been much more chill as a result.

yea, the dude with a pirate pfp is kinda toxic ngl.


Another juche W

Only based comment I saw on orange site which I was gonna make

Does anyone practice buddhism in China anymore? Everyone I met so far told me they don’t practice religion

I haven’t encountered people or their parents who practice Buddhism in China.

The temples are also historically significant and there’s no good reason to demolish them


Dutch secret services released a report on far right leader Thierry Baudet and his party, saying they have strong leads that he works by Putin’s command.

When they had to explain their POV, they said they have no evidence whatsoever on him or his party being linked to Russia. The only thing they had is that he makes pro Russian statements.

Our secret service is operating on a Reddit level of ‘you’re a Russian bot!!!’

That’s how it’s been done for a while. Le Pen, AdF in Germany - they were criticised for being fair-right originally, but the narrative gradually shifted to “They are Kremlin agents and are funded by Pooootin!”. Because apparently that is scarier than actual fuckin nazis.

Is franco’s regime in spain fascist?

Why does capital have to be 1600 pages? Like bruh didn’t Marx think of us poor genzers and our attention span?

But seriously, is there an abridged version?

I kid you not, “Wage Labour and Capital” is literally the abridged version of Das Kapital. It was the precursor work that would be later expanded into Das later, but “Wage Labour and Capital” covers almost all of the core messages, topics, and examples that Marx would later expand.

Thx, I already have it, will start today. 👍

but will you understand that 1 coat = 20 yds of linen??

i will not be able 2 invest 100 pounds sterling and make 110 pounds sterling :(

Aren’t using cryptocurrencies supporting Anarchy?

Using them in the core is based because then you can evade taxes

But it’s still a Ponzi scheme

Well that is if they don’t implode on you. Plus you still have to list where that money is coming from if you ever want to use it, because you can’t pay bills or buy groceries with Bitcoin. Which means the IRS will start to get very interested where the random amounts of money you’re using are coming from.

I mean, yes, but with limited, targeted, and careful use, you could get away with some shit especially if you have less easily measured income sources

Be very careful though

How so?


Doing my weekly Energy Bills Help today, and I’m this close to arming the clients and storming the HQ in Minecraft lol

Absolute insanity

I’m not sure if you’ve talked about this before, and if its alright for me to ask, what exactly is your job/career? Are your political and party activities separate from your career, or do you you work for the party as an employee?

I’ve just seen you mention time and time again doing extremely interesting and impactful things, like leading a youth league, and now the Energy Bills Help, and I’ve wondered what it is you exactly do. Mostly because I am a bit lost in life and am struggling to figure out a career/college path to take, as I do not want to simply waste my life working for someone else, and being able to have a direct impact on my community like you do seems like it would be extremely interesting.


I graduated as an accountant and sort of rolled into social work (through studies and internships). I now do guidance for people struggling with debt, which is seperate from the party. I work four days a week and do the Energy help as a volunteer one day a week. The party is not yet paying me for doing all the stuff I do unfortunately lol. Would be nice if it can become an option one day. But it has to be said that I take on a lot of things they offer me, from starting a local youth group to the Energy help. Volunteering is a good way to start of things like this. I’ve done local homeless shelters, youth sport programs, party work, just to name a few. You get to learn people and orgs and you might find something that sticks or new challenges to take on.

I’ve been lost in life before as well. I still think I am in a lot of ways. As crazy as it sounds, politics isn’t even a big passion of mine. Some people think I have a burning passion for doing party work or even social work but I don’t really. It’s not fun seeing people caught up in debt, people crying because they are afraid to turn on heating or debating the 600th fascist fuck who hides behind free speech. But doing nothing isn’t an option either. People often joke to me that if we all were communists and debt wouldn’t exist anymore that I’d be out of my job, to which I reply that I don’t care. I’ll find something else to do.

My point here is that it’s okay to feel lost from time to time. Work doesn’t have to be the main passion in your life, it can very well just be something you earn money with. You can do meaningful stuff on the side, however small it is. Go make soup for homeless people once a week. Ask local charities what they need. See if you can join a municipality meeting to address local problems. Find something you care about and see what you can do. It’s how I went from warehouse employee to carpenter to accountant to working in the social field.

Search up “Atomic Heart” on Twitter right now, the pro-Russia sentiment is unbelievably strong for the stupidest reasons

i saw hitler vs stalin. and hogwards legacy vs atomic heart 😂

Boris Johnson considers himself for the role of NATO general secratary, since Stoltenberg is apparently quitting.


Would trusting nuclear weapons to the human equivalent of a potato help us or harm us?

Serious question.

I lean towards the latter. Incompetence and stupidity can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than outright malevolence when combined with the level of power such an office wields.

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