Biden looks like a middle-aged salesman who is done with everything and contemplating suicide, and Zelensky looks like a heroine addict approaching him in the park to ask for cash

Look at those O faces. Kamala is gonna be a upset that Joe is COMING

The sitting president of the United States randomly popping over to an active warzone has to be one of the most suspicious things he’s ever done.

Biden seriously does not look human anymore.

He’s just old. Very wrinkly.

It’s because he’s a clone/s


One was a former comedian who was actively trying to commit a genocide.

The other was a career politician who had once supported Jim Crow.

Could they overcome their own military incompetence and arrive at a happily ever after?

hey, Biden has also participated in his fair share of genocide and general mass murder

I’d love to see this soap opera! Someone should start writing

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