Practically every main stream internet service I can think about that I have used is littered with fascist or imperialist comments. Anytime I push back against it, I have to contend with a wave of reactionaries jumping down my throat.

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point. As in, should I just back off and not say anything? It doesn’t seem like saying anything makes a difference anyway.

I dunno, I guess I’m teetering on the edge of despair a bit. Fascism isn’t fringe on the internet anymore, from what I can see. It makes me worry for the near future.

Fill disclosure: my friend thinks I’m just too online.

A bit late to this, but yes, it’s so true that it hurts. Literally wherever you go, there are always libs in justifying imperialism, killing of millions of people, colonialism and being so persistently defending system who is destroying even them and life on this planet itself. This can range to libs trying to justify it to borderline fascist with comments devoid of sanity about DPRK, China especially, then calling genocide on billions of people and calling for WW3 for someone daring to stand up to westoids and stop their monstrous imperialism and puppets once and for all. Outright nazis in YouTube comments especially, look no further than some random video with Hitler from WW2 like some part of documentary, movie scenes from bunker, WW2 games etc, typically with: nazi German army gear best in the world, Wehrmacht was actually good and didn’t do war crimes like SS, BUT MUH USSR, MUH STALIN 100 TRILLION SPOONS!! etc. It’s disturbing.

Then random YouTube recommendation videos with nazi/monarchist/lib stuff not being banned, and then memes where they casually meme all from the above supporting USA without a hint of irony arriving in hordes in comments to bash on someone who called it out. And most terrible thing is that all of that had usually hundreds/thousands of likes and YT or whatever website it’s on rarely and almost never does something to stop it.

Remember that fascism is generated as a reaction of the capitalist class to protect itself against an emerging outside threat. Because it is costly to provoke this reaction, it can only be applied where the threat is also developing, which means that the time and place where it develops indicates the bourgeoisie’s forecast of where it expects to be attacked. Behind the apparent fascist control of the internet lurks a nascent force directed against capitalist interests which is so powerful and incorruptible that it cannot be dealt with in a less dangerous and costly manner.

That force, I suppose, is the increasing participation of the Global South in online discourse, which is currently being enabled by China’s Belt and Road initiative as well as its further economic investments in Subsaharan Africa and Latin America. Right now, Anglos disproportionately use the internet and social media in particular, and therefore it is no wonder that their opinions are disproportionately represented, but this is about to change. It will be a long journey, but once everyone in the world has internet access of similar quality, we will be seeing a lot more diverse worldviews on the internet, from people who have extremely bad experiences with US hegemony and the capitalist system, and this is a scenario the bourgeoisie desperately need to avoid.

However, while the developing world has only recently begun large-scale projects to distribute internet access, the social media use of the Anglosphere has already reached its upper limit. It is impossible for its citizens to stay inside the cocoon it has made for them forever, and it becomes progressively more difficult to keep up the monolithic hegemony of its economic and philosophical garbage.

well i make reactionaries cope so hard they have to resort to insulting my pfp

Those “mainstream” internet servers are all owned by usa. Whoever controls the server has full control over the website. They can show different things to different people. They can make posts not appear, show others an edited version, make tools generate comments, write whichever numbers they feel like into the like counter.

So if you don’t want the server to ai-generate a bunch of nafos for you you must make sure the server is not tied to usa.


Literal vampire Peter Theil has a dark enlightenment philosophy that functions similarly to dialectical materialism, but embraces inequality. He is a smart power broker that runs the state surveillance apparatus of Palintir. Ghouls like him are rewarded by the capitalist system. and they are able to provide funding to all kinds of influencers to promote imperialism, racism, white supremacy, transphobia sexism, and all of the other kinds of stuff that just treats people like shit for arbitrary reasons that they have no control over. This is what they’ll do to keep their unjust positions of power.

Funnily enough it is super expensive to maintain this superstructure and people that do the superstructural work have to actively sensor their platforms. What kind of losers really get angry about trans people if they don’t know any trans people while real problems of living in america caused by the bourgeoisie state taking back all of the freedoms won by the labor movement?

Anglophone internet is terrible, lusophone and hispanophone internet is where it’s at.

isn’t easy fight against indoctrination…and there’s a lot of indoctrination

The secret is that everybody is already a fascist, they know they are if by another name. The US is already full fascist and everybody who does not denounce their government unequivocally is a fascist. I mean no hyperbole. They literally all know. Nobody doesn’t know. I could name the cops the prisons the wars, the concentration camps.

You’re in the imperial core (presumably). Don’t punish yourself for not being able to grow anything on dry ground. No one expects that of you.

Don’t let liberal, individualist cultural conditioning tell you you’re failing if you’re not some kind of main character messiah.

Pick your opportunities. Make yourself known to people and they will come to you when they’re ready. Reality is a powerful ally.

its such a relief when you can see your comrades and laugh/hate all this bs together as a functional, living and inspiring cadre

there are a lot of people who won’t take this anymore, they just may be in a similar situation, or have yet to discover theory and praxis

Damn. Thank you for this. Lots of other excellent responses on this thread too, but this one really hit home.

Excellent point

This is why I support China’s “golden firewall” or whatever they call it. Imagine being somewhere where going online and calling for genocide has actual repercussions.


A lot of mainstream things are filled with borderline fascist views, I agree. Fitness memes, news, sports, influencers, you name it.

But I feel like you can easily create a bubble where this isn’t the case. On instagram I mostly follow local businesses, bars, museums, etc. Next to that I follow some leftist influencers, the union I’m part of, my marxist party and friends.

I set up my reddit to be just my interests: hiking, gardening, cycling, swoletariat, home decoration, drawing, art, nature and some communist shit.

On YouTube I only watch left wing people or non-political channels.

I rarely see people like Andrew Tate, MTG, or local fascists and I’m doing fine within my bubble. I deal with enough politcal shit through party work and I don’t want to take that home through my social media.

this is helpful but it’s kinda hard to avoid when they send recruitment fliers to your doorstep. if i walked down the street with the proletarian banner i’d get shot



Fill disclosure: my friend thinks I’m just too online.

This may very well be a good point. While online marxist influence is key to building our movement, it is important to actually go out and touch grass every once in a while lol. I talk to all sorts of people from everywhere on the political spectrum and I rarely meet actual fascists in real life. Most people are all right and are just trying to get by without causing any trouble. They may not always agree with my marxist views but in general, everyone wants a better life for themselves and the people around them. It’s our duty to inform them about our cause and how they can help to achieve a better world. I have found that many people will listen to our ideas once we dive further into them.

I really like your perspectives. How much time do you dedicate to real-life activism e.g. how much time per week?


Depends on the week. I spent at least four hours a week at one of our party’s free healthcare clinics where I do consult for people that have problems with their energy bills.

This week was busy because we have a protest planned in our city against the rising right wing influence next Tuesday. It took some time planning.

When there are strikes or protests nearby we try to get involved as much as possible. Calling party members to check their opinions or to ask them if they are participating. Organizing teams to visit the picket lines, etc.

Then I have meetings for my youth group to discuss plans for the next weeks and eventually we have to execute those plans as well.

I think I can easily fill 20 hours a week with party work and it’s oftentimes more. It’s basically an extra job at this point.

I spend 10-15 hours myself, altho I commute to meets. lately been doing online stuff for our virtual organizing but i hope we can increase our capacity… our weekly actions are limited by our smaller, recently formed membership


Every action is one towards a better world. Keep up the work, comrade.

Every damn day

Majority of Internet being in the west = very Liberal = fascists waiting patiently = target acquired (orientalism + transphobia) = liberals slowly lose masks

“Majority of internet being in the west” I think most of it’s in China, protected from our western crap by the great firewall, of course.

Yes yes, my bad, i meant to say the Internet used by most other countries

Reminder that the internet just like every other aspect of life exists outside the Anglosphere. This obviously does not mean that every non-anglo internet space is antifascist but there is more to the world than what Twitter and Reddit make it appear.

I believe it’s a backlash to the leap in online leftist discourse over the last 6 years. On top of the AstroTurfing and censorship, of course.

As for being “too online”: If you’re organizing a workplace online that’s great, otherwise you should be organizing it offline.

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