His flex are 2 projects that are the epitome of squandered defense spending. Really the F-22 and B-2 just demonstrate how much of a racket the MIC is.

In the end any advantage they might have has been eroded by time. 20 years ago, Russia and China didn’t have stealth fighters, combat drones, and hypersonic missiles.

The level of delusion to think that we can beat Russia and China in a hot war, at the same time is unfathomable.

He’s actually proud of not having healthcare, something most of the world have figured out

He 100% does have healthcare. He just pays way too much money for it and suffer the fallacy that “more expensive is always better”.

The point is, that he feel superior to people who don’t.

A lot of libs here are like that. They think free healthcare is socialism, and socialism bad, so free healthcare bad.

Lmao can’t wait to see them falling like mosquitoes as they did in 1999 including ‘‘invisible’’ ones, but this time it would be 100 per day

Ah yes not providing basic care for people in your country to fuck up people in other country

least genocidal amerikkkan

Free at the point of use haha I’m so smart guys

World’s greatest army lost to farmers in Afghanistan

Weird flex but okay

Why does he say “we”. I can bet 5 bucks his class has employer provided or “free” healthcare.

Why is free in quotes?

Because “whOs goNNa paY foR iT goTcha”

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