Aww, too bad China is not supporting you. Jealous, USA? Consider reversing all that you have done since Trump came into power, and roll back your military crap around the entirety of Malacca and Taiwan Straits. Maybe then there is a slim chance of talks…

But a China that is arming Russia against Ukraine is a China that has chosen to accept sharp, sustained tensions with the US, <…> and to engage in an outright proxy war with the West.

Oh, so the West is at war witih Russia then. Hard to keep your bullshit consistent when you say literally nothing but lies, ain’t it?

No no, proxy wars are something THEY do. WE do wholesome, pure, apolitical lethal aid and military advising. Toooootally different

lol right

I’ve rarely read such a shitty article

Guess I know why now

KiG V2


While the framing is complete shit obviously, I think there is a nugget of truth in the article. US got itself into a quagmire in Ukraine, and it’s obviously in China’s interest to support Russia to the fullest extent going forward. If US ends up imploding economically due to the war then US will lose the ability to project power in Asia precluding the war with China that US is actively working towards.

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