mean arab terrorist

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literal genocide

Ayjan Ibrahimov

As a Sephardic Jew.

I am very saddened and angered with this decision made by the hospital .

This offends me .

the removal of this beautiful artwork made by the hands of the innocent children from gaza is not anti-semitic in anyway or form .

I completely condemn the decision that was made by the hospital .

If this so called “jews” ( probably zionists ) Felt “vulnerable or victimized” by such a beautiful artwork made by little children then they are pieces of sh*t.

If this so called “jews” ( probably zionists )


I almost never think of Zionists as Jews.

I know that a substantial number of them are, yeah, but it almost never crosses my mind; it’s like how people in general either don’t notice or don’t care that somebody is righthanded or lefthanded.

KiG V2

Exactly, I would hope that all Muslims don’t get associated with Islamofascists or Christians with Christofascists and so on. Every religion has its bulk of normal people simply practicing faith and culture, but fascism will co-opt any aesthetics and distort any ideology or theology into something bad.

Gonna replace them with the most fucking generic wall “art” that looks like they were bought from Bed Bath & Beyond probably.

Speaking from experience at my local hospital.

Cracker malevolence knows no bounds.

“We are delighted to report”

KiG V2

Yeah I winced when I read that…

May Allah punish them



Also are you Muslim? Hope you don’t mind me asking :)

No, but I’m interested

There are some barriers tho, like I don’t speak Arabic, have a schedule that means I may not be able to pray 5 times a day, and not being able to marry non-Abrahamic women sounds…eh.

I’m reading the Qu’ran to get more info right now

KiG V2

IMO it’s a religion like any other, meaning it can be practiced to any extent. After all, we all know Muslims who drink alcohol, we all know Abrahamics who get tattoos or cut their hair or skip religious service etc. There are practices which are normal for everyone to skip and yet some are seen as so essential, even when they are listed directly next to each other in holy texts.

I was Muslim for 17 years, I did Ramadan many years as a kid, I didn’t eat pork, I prayed to God, and learned some teachings from Islam and my dad’s culture, but at the same time I never prayed properly with a rug (and definitely not 5 times a day), I never have set foot in a mosque, and I never read the Quar’an more than a few pages or kids books parables. I tried to learn Arabic but never did.

While I no longer identify as Muslim, I still am proud of my past as a Muslim and general Abrahamism is a large part of my spiritual beliefs to this day. I would never allow someone to tell me “you were NEVER a REAL Muslim” just because of those aforementioned things I never did.

IMO, take what you want and leave what you don’t. I’m sure there are many non-Abrahamic women in your side of this Earth, why restrict yourself while searching for love? You can still identify as a Muslim and learn great things from the wealth of this religion. You can still pray even if you can’t manage 5x a day, you can still read stuff translated from Arabic.

Obviously those with stricter views might disagree with my takes here, but my ultimate view is that religion is meant to be personalized, and religion just like language, culture, traditions, and art will change from its origin after crossing seas of water and time.


I see

Also do you think an Islamic community would fit here? I feel like some atheist users wouldn’t like it. I’m not planning to make one as of now but I just wanted to ask

I haven’t seen any major religious communities (if at all) on Lemmygrad, but I can’t see how it would be removed.

It would be a pretty small, close-knit community.

KiG V2

There are definitely many atheists who don’t care for religion on Lemmygrad but I don’t think any of them are against religious subs, they probably would just not be keen if it religion was spilling over onto broader secular subs like GZD etc.

I remember when I first joined Lemmygrad I joined a small pagan sub. It was small and not very active but it’s been done before and nobody was upset of it. You all absolutely should start a Muslim sub 💯

How does someone write the sentence “We are delighted to report that Chelsea and Westminster Hospital has removed a display of artwork designed by children from Gaza” and not immediately think that something is off?

Turns out someone did actually feel that’s a sus sentence. They changed it. Probably should’ve reevaluated the entire story from there, but alas.

Obviously, by not believing that “children from Gaza” are actual children but instead your political enemy

You’d think that using the word “children” like that would set off some alarm bells in their minds, but I guess the dissonance is too strong.

They actually consider children a greater threat than adults due to their ability to create “demographic issues” in the future.

KiG V2

Cool that’s pretty uh…eugenics sounding.

What the fuck

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