It seems they have sophisticated operating systems,pc. How do they manufacture those?

Do you mean for regular home PCs? They just run pirated Windows. They do actually have a lot of manufacturing expertise and home grown microchips, but the high performant stuff is just bought western tech from China.


They actually have a homegrown operating system called RedStar OS. It’s heavily based on Windows, though. They have also designed their own smartphone called the Arirang.

Red Star OS is not based on Windows. It comes with Wine, that’s it. It’s also not what’s going to be pre-installed on your laptop you bought from the shop. They maintain a Linux distro, which is cool, but it’s not the same having a homegrown operating system, since it’s Fedora/Linux.


The UI reminds me of macOS tbh

In most of their photos I see that the pcs have a korean name on them. How?

Do you mean on the plastic outside? Like the badge on the laptop like “Asus” or the apple light-up logo? That’s not a high tech industry in the same way. Very few companies and countries have the institutional knowledge to design cutting edge computer chips (cpu/gpus, but also stuff like wifi and the display), but a much larger group of companies are able to design computers with purchased components. There’s still design involved, mostly to do with heat management. Then there’s assembly, sometimes done by the people who designed the computer (not the components), but often it’s handled by a third company that is better at it. But the thing is, two different laptops can be designed with very different design philosophies and skill, but if they use the same components, it’s fair to classify them as essentially equivalent products. Korea being able to design and assemble their own laptops doesn’t mean they have the high tech institutional knowledge to make all the components that go into them.

This is by the way even true of Intel and Apple. They’re all dependent on other mature industries. Intel doesn’t know how to do the chip fabrication, TSMC doesn’t know how to do the Lithography, and ASML doesn’t know how to make appropriate lenses.

This is assuming Korean laptops are designed and assembled in Korea. Many are. But they have access to the Chinese market, so wouldn’t be anything stopping them from paying a Chinese manufacturer to create a line of Korean computers with their own plastic.

And that is still assuming the computers are unique in some way. But you can just buy a white label computer that is specifically sold to have a logo printed on it by the customer. In the worst case where you have absolutely no access to industry, you can just buy any computer and just scratch off the logo and replace it with your own.

IIRC didn’t they have their own linux distro as well?

Yeah. There’s a version of Fedora customised for Korean users. They also have a fork of Android. It’s a bit hard to Google for because of all the scare-mongering and propaganda, but you can download it yourself and poke around. You need to run the application called rootdirect to be given root, it doesn’t come with sudo and the default user isn’t allowed to su root, but you can run rootdirect as the default user and then install sudo or allow yourself to su root. Keep in mind that it also doesn’t come with dnf or yum.

Juche magic

they get computers that don’t work anymore and then they do juche necromancy to have them run as well as on day 1 /j

China actually gave a lot of random crap to them under the table in the past, nowadays they don’t even care about the tables anymore

Don’t really need tables if they’re using laptops. It would be better for their posture, though.

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