whats next? sell captured soldier? The west is such clown show.

They towed a fuckin burned out tank all the way to Berlin to show off? What the shit

Barbarians like gruesome “trophies”. I also read that this is actually AFU tank, but not sure.

DDR specter haunting Germany

Importing a trashed tank from a war zone and setting it up in a public place seems like a really organic non-manufactured form of protest. They’re trying so hard to overshadow what’s actually going on:

50,000 people protested against further aid for Ukraine in Berlin alone, with similar protests in other German cities. Some of the sentiments expressed by people there are really good, too:

“We are like the slaves to war and the warmongers,” said Norbert, a former soldier, declining to give his surname, who held a banner reading “The real enemy sits in the City of London and New York,” a reference he said to the financial powers who he claimed were behind the war and had no interest in it ending.

They say it’s a Ukrainian T-72 all over Russian Telegram too. Tactical markings or something. What an F if true.

nah, ukros mark everything the capture with their crosses

I think it would make more sense to be a Ukraine tank, it would be easier logistically than hunting a destroyed Russian tank

Yeah, but you gotta do the legwork, if you want a symbolic stunt. Now people be laughing that instead of showing a trophy earned in battle you dragged your own wreckage out for everyone to see. And they’re throwing off the flowers now too, instead of going “How nice of you to bring flowers to mourn Ukrainian soldiers. B-b-bamboozled!”.

Wait till you guys see what the organizers of this put on the tank beside the UA flags.

Yes, the fucking cardboard NAFO dog:


Somebody pointed out to me that their NAFO-OFAN looks like NATO OnlyFans. I have since been unable to unsee it.

NATO in a few decades:

Click for Zelenskyy exclusive pics



I see now. Berliners had to do something not to die of cringe overload.

I see now

Reminds me of this quote

Now I see. You deny your weapon its purpose! It yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemies… but you hold it back!

Well ain’t that a random Thicc Stream Sam reference=)

“Putin activists”

I guess the new smear term to describe actual peace activists has just dropped.

Remember when putting fuel on a fire made it go out faster? Oh wait…

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