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its snowing in march wtf

Today marks 70 years without comrade Stalin 😭

been hearing rumours about xi purging during upcoming national congress session. how much of it is true?

How many times have Western media claimed that “XXX” person was dead only for them to show up to a party 3 weeks later? They claimed that Mordvichev was dead last March.

How much of the “COVID vaccines are effecting menstrual cycle in women” is true? Why is no one talking about this?

Are there any books related to Gramsci?

Before 2019 I swear I saw some libs use this map of China

deleted by creator

Of all the countries in this planet I honestly think the US has the weakest name of them all. It really means absolutely nothing.

I feel so tired that I might not want to wake up

it could be passing

maybe not

Walking forward is all I can do

Another day, another happy hour of needing to hear about how China bad.

For anyone into metal or just open to some music that is a little different, I found an awesome band with great anti-austerity, pro-worker, and ant-imperialist themes. They have some hard hitting lyrics.


Wow! The tendency in recent years I’ve noticed in Black Metal around the world of becoming more and more experimental and complex has come to the point where it actually offers something new and refreshing in terms of abrassive sounds and musicianship. Not only musically but also thematically, finally there’s the opportunity of getting out of the stalleness of old black metal and leave behind its foundation in abstract and removed fantasy to ground it in a more material and political context that isn’t just derivative of the fascistic bullshit of the norwegians in the 90s. That was a really good listen, thanks for sharing!

Yeah truthfully I had never really gotten into black metal (sans Sunbather like everyone else) but there are a lot of cool avant garde black metal or black metal adjacent groups. I loved Liturgy’s newest record HAQQ if you haven’t checked it out and Portal is insane, although I don’t know if they’d really be considered black metal outside of their Ion album.

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Stating the obvious: covid suck lol. Fuck everyone who thinks it’s no big deal.

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I read some comment today saying Twitter is effectively keeping down public outrage because people are now mean tweeling about stuff instead of going into the streets, and it has been stuck in my head ever since

Why join a political organization when you can just argue with someone on that organization’s reddit? Why go out and canvass if you can just make a change .org petition? Why learn valuable skills that are difficult when you don’t have to get up off your couch?

Doubled with the fact that the majority of people in the US work 50+ hours, have no sick time, vacations, and time off, and have no time to themselves to begin with to even deal with minor chores like doctors visits, bills, cleaning, and cooking. It is a very effective way to suppress the proletariat, exhaust them to the point of burnout and fatigue. Then give them an easy way out with social media.

🏳️‍⚧️ Elara ☭

It’s somehow snowing at my house in LA right now. The fact that climate change deniers still exist is appalling. They’re literally denying reality.

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