Reverend Moon, Ukrainian fascists – one struggle (against communism and blood transfusions)

Happy cake day it’s mine too!!!

GenZedong refugee?


Happy cake day!

Yep, came here after r/genzedong got quarantined (for being one of the two or three sites on reddit that actually denounced the Zelensky government)

Happy cake day! Dude it took me so long to figure out that it’s based on when the account was made.


Thanks! I actually figured it out just this morning

Hahaha I figured it out with all the Wisconcom alts. Take care comrade!

She probably can’t talk to him like before because he’s got PTSD like every soldier ever.

This is all sorts of disgusting, of course, but I can’t help but LOL at the stupidity of it.

Fuck it, I’m not feeling like saying this in English.



And I don’t feel like replying to this in English.

Hvad mener du med “Hvad er denne haj”?

Hvad mener du med “Hvad er denne haj”?



Det lagde jeg ikke mærke til

Looks to be a watermark for whichever media posted it. Vobla is Russian for Caspian roach


でも、この【Vobla】…又は、この【Caspian Roach】はサメじゃない。なぜこのたちはサメの絵が用いった?そんな変だ!www

A fish is a fish, I suppose. Wanted to look cool

guy is at war, gets injured, captured, healed, exchanged, and his wife now posts shit about him being different due to transfusions

I really wonder what her hubby did that came off as “different from the hubby she used to know”, asides from accusing him of being a Russian Zombie just cause he needed a blood transfusion to survive and Russians were the ones to help them (because Ukrainians are so well known for their humanity ♥️)

I really wonder what her hubby did that came off as “different from the hubby she used to know”

He probably has PTSD from fighting in a war, like almost all soldiers do

Guy went to war and is changed man after he returned. It is war? it is the life saving help he recieved from the people he wanted to kill? No, surely it’s moskal blood doing wololo. Furthermore, it is inheritable.

EDIT: Lmao:

“doing wololo” took me tf out

Very normal behaviour

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