capitalist healthcare in a nutshell

Doctors post covid pandemic: “mm this illness must be due to covid.”

Coupled with western “for profit” medicine that’s barely tested before hitting the market and long term side effects most likely not known. They don’t actually care to cure you just treat the symptoms forever. Anything news, that would show a profitable medication doesn’t actually do what it says it does or actually makes things worse, is suppressed.

I will always have extreme doubts of any western medication. Especially for mental illnesses like depression or anxiety. I have never had one that didn’t make me crazier or make me want to kill myself or turn into an empty shell of a human being. I ended up cutting it all out then grew my own magic mushrooms and tripped balls and it did more for my mental health in one 3 hour trip than years of prescription bullshit. That’s about as “alternative” as you can get. Lol

I’m not saying it’s all like that. But I’ve been messed up several times from that kind of shit. Also over prescriptions on antibiotics that really messed my gut up. So I’m am extremely critical now. I don’t trust capitalist medicine with anything anymore.

basically half of the pharmaceuticals that exist will mess with your gut microbiome. it sucks.

Same here king, my meds only turned me into, half the time a “thing” without act, I couldn’t resist anything nor decide stuff, nor study etc, or super-irritable and prone to just break everything I my house (had the cops called on me like 10 times)

Ultimately, I decided to grow my own medicine, at least I know what’s inside it.

The amount of psychiatrists that don’t believe in/are completely oblivious of mental illnesses is absolutely insane.

Yes, their job is significantly harder as many of the illnesses don’t have a sure fire diagnosis like a broken bone, but the amount of doctors that treat a patient like a pill seeker while the patient is telling the doctor they are suicidal is extremely depressing.

I mean, anti depressants aren’t even fun drugs usually. Especially not mood stabilizers. Both of which often give depressive symptoms to healthy people (including driving them to suicide). I could see being more cautious on prescribing Adderall (as that is just meth) but Lexapro isn’t gonna be a fun time. Gonna be a pretty shit party if the drug of choice brought out is Lexapro.

Preston Maness ☭

With Lexapro, the “party” starts when you stop taking it.

My brain had a party after being on it 3 weeks- had a grand mal seizure and never took that shit again.


For all I care, if a patient commits suicide because you told them they were faking their obvious mental illness, you’re guilty of negligent homicide.

That charge can and must be applied to a ton of Western doctors and punished accordingly.

This tweet is too accurate

Not just that many doctors won’t bother looking deeply into these sort of things, but they’ll charge enough to bankrupt most people as they do so. So much as look up hospitals on Google and you’ll be billed for it…

The costs of hospitalizations, some of which involuntary, from mental health breakdowns alone cost me about $15k USD/year for several years. Last time I rode in an ambulance, which was a simple 2 mile ride with one of those typical sodium whatever IVs cost $7k USD. The itemized bill charged less than $100 USD for the IV, which was the only resource other than time and 2 miles of fuel, that was consumed during that ride. Oh, and none of those take into consideration the cost of weekly or bi-weekly meetings with mental health professionals for counseling. All with (most of the time shitty) insurance.

If alternative medicine is a scam, at least it is a scam that is generally affordable for normal ass people and won’t likely bankrupt you. The US healthcare system is a scam that will bankrupt you for even letting your kids spell H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L in a school spelling bee. That’s another big reason alternative medicine gained so much traction, at least here in the US.

“Yes, it is quite sad that your anxiety has gotten so bad that you literally feel frozen. Anyhoo, you should try to stop being anxious. Oh, by the way, we’ve decided we don’t like your insurance, so we’re going to need you to pay 60 euros. Cash or card?”

Dutch GPs and their assistants making 240 euros an hour over fucking nothing when it comes to mental health 💀💀💀

In Canada it’s more like: hmmm have you considered killing yourself?

mfw fibromyalgia diagnosis is entirely based on eliminating all other possible illnesses and the prognosis is totally unexplained pain for the rest of your mortal life

mfw after years of being told it was because you were fat/lazy/crazy

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