Steve Rattner: Broad-based economic punishment of China not likely
China has been hinting at sending military aid to Russia and President Biden has threatened sanctions if China does send aid. Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe...

Am watching, and I think I get why conspiracy theories about lizard people are a thing. Something about these people’s voices and mannerisms is so off. It’s seriously eerie.

Guess that’s what happens when you know you’re sold, body and spirit, to capital.

“Too big to fail” not working out now, is it?

I feel bad for them, imagine considering someone racially inferior and they start to succeed and surpass you.

Sike, no I don’t. I hope they feel terrible and it eats away at them and they can’t sleep at night.

Not shitting you I know a guy that’s gone full circle and says now that China has it so good it’s going to make them weak and then compared it to millennials. I was absolutely astounded by their mental gymnastics of being able to both admit they are doing better than us while someone still feeling superior and also looping in the millennial hate. Also the guy is actually a part of the millennial generations but, you know, not “those” millennials. Lmao.

Xi please end my pain.

I am so tired of this trope of “good times make weak men”. Just the whole idea that if we dare make things “too good” people become weak. When it’s obvious in reality no country is made stronger with masses homeless, starving, suffering in the climate crisis, etc. It may just be cause I live in a right wing as fuck area but I hear this endlessly in various forms and it gets old so fast.

Their only models are of the bourgeoisie and aristocrats, whose only aspirations are to move through life doing as little as possible while pretending to do all the work and coming up with all the ideas. Good times made the ruling class weak. Then they project this logic onto the working class, for whom, for a brief brief moment in history, won the luxury of some of them not working themselves into an early grave.

Mental gymnastics will soon be an Olympic sport so America can increase its gold medal count.

“You had me in the first half”
– Kwame Nkrumah, probably

Holy shit these people are insufferable

☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆

They truly are, at least they understand what will happen if they fuck with China too much.

Really enjoyed the performative, ‘All my homies hate china.’

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