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If you are getting the 0xc0000135 application error after Windows Update on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, here's how to fix it.

Dont mean to victim blame but thats what you get for using windows. Its like asking why you got mauled and almost eaten by your illegally owned pet tiger. Tigers gonna tiger, windows gonna crash.

Windows is itself an error.

Linux is the solution


System errors are also present in Linux. Linux is a fast and stable OS with several advantages respect Windows, but you can’t say it’s the solution, this always depends on what use you need it for, it can be perfect for some and for others, especially for certain professional uses, useless (lack of certain professional soft, games, drivers, etc.), Linux hasn’t the easy and userfrendly handling for normal users without tecnical knowledge, also don’t have a second keyring to encrypt stored passwords as Windows has by default, etc… There is no perfect OS for everyone. The best is to use both in dual boot, the only way to cover all needs you may have.



Linux hasn’t the easy and userfrendly handling for normal users without tecnical knowledge

I disagree with this. Installing Linux is a hassle for non-technical users. But after it’s installed, it’s not more difficult or less user friendly than Windows or MacOS. I installed Linux (Ubuntu) to many non-technical family members and they have been fine. In fact, Linux is usually lmore stable than Windows or MacOS, so I would even argue that it’s better for non-technical users if someone can install it for them.

Install in Linux an app which isn’t in the repository… In Windows >Download >Install it with one click. I also don’t agree with the stability, certainly it was a problem in older Windows, but current versions 10,11 don’t have stability problems, not more than in Linux. Even if it has a crash for a reason (never seen in the las 6 years I use Windows), a simple restart fix it. Stability isn’t a problem in modern OS.

Security, certainly Windows without AV is vulnerable, but the current Defender is one of the best current AV which Windows use by default in its system, even protects against rootkits and use a sandbox system. For this reason, it has always been the main target for attacks, but precisely because of this experience, it has developed excellent defenses, its own and also by third party soft. Linux has never been so affected, precisely because it is a minority OS, but this is changing little by little and the AV and antimalware that exist for Linux currently do not even deserve the name as such.

Also I don’t agree that Windows is less customizable than Linux, it is only true with the standard Control panel for a normal user, but Windows has a GodMode (no documented, logic, the user must activate it) for advanced users, which give access to more than 250 settings of system and UI, enough I think.

Windows certainly has many things that I don’t like, for example the need to do a general system cleanup before the first use in a new installation, to discard telemetry, trial apps, unnecessary services and other garbage ‘to improve the user experience’ . This is certainly a drawback, but it only needs to be done once.

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