Chinese high speed train is so stable, you can balance a coin on its side, and it won’t fall over. It’s like sitting in a quiet room, while you are shooting across the surface of the earth at 350 km/h. No need to take the plane for medium trips too, since train stations can be in the city it’s much more convenient. To get on the train you only need your ID and can arrive and get on the train in a dozen minutes.

They gave that video “mixed” rating, in clear try to not admit it. While they even say it themselves, that reality is worse than in that video, since it was sped up and the trains really move 7 times slower 😂

Yeah I don’t get that:

The creator of the video noted in the YouTube video description that the first 52 seconds showed sped-up video. In reality, the train carefully advanced on the tracks about seven times slower than what appeared in the video.

The video admits the video was sped-up, and then snopes notes that “however” it was sped up?

American trains are so silent, you can run them off the tracks and then cause a giant chemical explosion whose ecological fallout is yet to be quantified, and you won’t hear anything about it for a whole month

The noise of all those loud balloons is drowning them out!

The US picture is not rail transit, it is cargo. You’d be hard-pressed to encounter the fabled “American rail transit” in the wild

Amtrak in California: arrive at 2 AM to take the only train for the day going north, having to drive to train station (busses, rideshare don’t run when the trains do), wait outside at an uncovered terminal (the kiosk is unstaffed and locked up to deter “the homeless druggies”), find out the train is running 50 minutes late (I’ve never seen it less than 20 minutes late), security guard leaves before train arrives because they weren’t paid overtime, train arrives, bike rack is full, so lock your bike up at the station or don’t board the train (and don’t get your ticket refunded), filed into rank-smelling double decker with chairs worse than any airline, go about 30 mph for half a day wondering if you’d have done better off riding your bike. oh also for some reason you take a bus between stations at some point, (and not because there’s no rail connection) and if you miss the transfer hopefully you arrived at a station with staff or got a phone to reschedule or you’re stuck

Taking a train to Chicago soon. Wish me luck I don’t die in a fiery explosion!

Unlikely. But you might drown in a septic tank if it derails while you’re on the toilet.

Without the colourful extravaganza of flashy lethal perils the USA offers every day, it would just be an ordinary, drab dystopia like Belgium


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