Rasm653u (He/him)

“Fuck Putin” on steam.

I would’ve said Portugal should be red, or even pink, but then I remember they are in such a shitty location.

Such a shitty location, so Europe?

Not only in Europe but also surrounded by NATO members. If Portugal was on the east they’d have a better chance

How is this blessed? It’s still not all red.


I feel like in a world where China, a united Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Soviet Union, and Vietnam are all communist; the Japanese communist party would be radically more successful. Even in our own timeline they almost succeeded, and in this one where all of Japan’s major trading partners are communist, and there is no strategic reason for the US to keep a tight leash on them, I don’t see why they couldn’t also go red.

Same with Indonesia, India/Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya, and Brazil.

Also a socialist control of the entrance to the Red Sea would instantly make that confederation of countries (Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia) one of the wealthiest and most influential world powers on this map. Control of that geopolitical area would give those countries an absurd amount of dominance and political power due to them being able to hold hostage a massive percentage international shipping, the oil trade, international trade, and maritime traffic.

Do you have any sources for me to know better about communism in Japan?

Idk if India should be partially filled in at the bottom part to represent Kerala but if they only mean full countries being communist I’m cool w that

IMO if this were the case, much more of Africa and South America would be socialist, and I believe the entire pacific of Asia would also be socialist including Japan. Once the gap on land in Asia is closed and Africa and South America are liberated, the core would have to shrink again no longer being able to project it’s power outside of it’s core (western Europe, US, Canada). Then next India and Australia would go, then Greenland, the remainder of South America, and then western Europe, and finally the US and Canada. The order could be wrong, this is just my opinion

Bb plz come home I miss you 😔

read 30 years ago

How would socialist Mexico even work if it’s right next to Amerikkka? It’s one of the least likely developing nations in terms of having a successful revolution

KiG V2

Tbf if this timeline happened America wouldn’t have had 30 years to plunder the world unchallenged and it would be much further along its decay path than it already is in THIS timeline

Unfortunely, youre absolutely right 😔

I see the fascist path closer than socialism.

And yet, Cuba did it, and it survives despite that.

Cuba has the classic “English Channel” defense though. Mexico would not have the benefit or luxury of being isolated from America by nearly 100 miles of ocean.

But on the other hand Mexico is still a much bigger nation than Cuba. The US has spectacularly failed to deal with Toyota pickup insurgents in west Asia, and a socialist Mexico would be a much more significant regional power. Mexico would have a much better shot regardless, deserts, mountains and rivers, they have natural defenses too.

Maybe I’m just being too pessimistic.

Since it says 2023 it could still be the real timeline (inshallah).

Shouldn’t Myanmar/Burma also be red as well? It used to be Socialist until 1988.

Oh wow, didn’t know that

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