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I’ve heard Mexico officially applied to join brics… Wish it became a military alliance, it would totally bar the US from invading them, for the heinous crime of nationalising their lithium.

I’ve seen that too in telegram channels, but so far I have not seen anything in mexican media nor government channels. Neither from mexican officials or any of the BRICS countries, only some shady outlets on the internet. As much as I would love it to be true, I won’t believe it until it’s official.

some interesting video i watched about covid origins https://youtu.be/P72OttqUEe8

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4 hour ad wtf

almost matches the video length

Is buddhism dead in present day tibet?

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Just listening to some good ol’ Creedence and it’s wild anti-war songs at those times of contradictions were ever allowed to get that big. Even wilder is capitalism’s ability to rob things like protest art of all their meaning via commodification and even twist their original meaning into their exact antithesis. Fortunate Son is a literal war song now lol

Still, says something about even liberal democracy and society that we haven’t even gotten that over the past 2 decades


During a protest regarding housing in The Netherlands, the Dutch housing minister just advised a 25 year old woman to just find a rich man if she wants to buy a house

So, yeah

Did he suggest himself?

Xi has been unanimously elected for a third term 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

There was a fucking anti-AMLO question at my pub trivia last night. There is no escape from the bullshit

Lol what was it

Something about him posting “fake news” on Twitter, complete with calling him a “lying liar” at the end. The question was just asking what country he was the president of, but had to get those shots in apparently.

Like, its stupid, but the timing is so uh… salient that I can’t help but think the feds are involved. For a fucking pub quiz (it was geeks who drink who run events nationally, so not just some random bars own thing)

He does have an incredible talent to live rent free on peoples mind, especially conservatives.


It seems Georgia (Europe) is next on the CIA shit list

Well it was bound to happen, I suppose. Opening another front didn’t work in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, but looks like it might just work in Georgia.

Guess what, I called it.


I’ve watched a couple of videos on the transparency law being suppressed, can I ask what’s going on to make you think a second front is opening? Georgia has been a comprador state for a while right, what’s changing?

All post-Soviet republics are comprador to some degree, Rusia included. However, the current Georgian government has been taking steps to try and “sit on two chairs” as we say here. They put Saakashvili in jail for example (that’s the guy who became president after the last colour coup, also was advisor to post-maidan UA government). They’ve been much less agressive that what was expected following the start of the SMO, etc.

As to why I think a second front is opening, well, take a gander:

This is from March 8th. There are simply too many parallels with how color coups have been organized in the past. And unlike CNN subscribers I have no faith in this being just some “protest for freedom”, nor do I believe that it’s just “fighting for sovereignity”. There’s been too many precedents in the past 30 years of how these things go and what follows. And there have been suspiciously timed flare-ups of violence all over post-Soviet area during 2022. A massive riot (for the lack of a better term) in Kazakhstan, just before SMO. Another round of violence in Karabakh region. Artillery “exchange” between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan which just so happened to coincide with SCO summit.

Plus there’s been talks about cooperation between post-coup Ukraine and Georgia around the 2008 war. I don’t have sources on hand (it’s been a long while), but I know that Russian media claimed that Ukraine was actively supplying Georgia with anti-air systems just prior to Georgia’s assault on Ossetia. Systems, that were reportedly quite efficient against Russian air force. And nowadays there’s a “Georgian Legion” (coincidentally sharing a name with an SS formation from the WWII) fighting in Ukraine on Kiev’s behalf.

Now does that mean I expect some kind of military operation against Russia from Georgia’s side should the coup be successful? Not necessary. But it will create another troublesome region, another point on the border that will require attention and resources. Or I could be wrong, and the first thing the new government will do is to start shelling Ossetia again.

Thank you comrade.

Well the lights went out, apparently in the whole apartment building. And I suddenly remember arguing with a fellow at lemmy about the prudence of using gas stoves and the risks posed by having all utilities be electrical

President Xi, please, bomb the US already.

I don’t think much would change. The US could get blanketed by nukes and jobs would still find a way to call you to ask if you’ll be in tomorrow.

There’s something fucky happening in Georgia (the one in Caucasus, not the US one). Looks like a second colour revolution

Redditors talk about the very real possibility of nuclear with with the DPRK like it’s a video game. https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/11lcatx/north_korea_warns_us_shooting_down_any_missile/?sort=new

In the same way they’ve been treating the current situation in Ukraine or their dreams of taking over East Asia.

They wouldn’t be so nonchalant once it all comes home to roost.

They are only so nonchalant because it rarely does

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What are good reading methods?

Or do you just, like, read whatever book or article or what have you and there’s not much to it then that?

I read the book/article, but I keep a small “communist journal” where I write down the overarching idea/reflect on the work, along with anything that may have caught my eye or I feel is important to remember.


That’s an interesting idea.

Is this an “online” journal (like in a note-taking app such as Google Docs) or is it an actual journal IRL?

I personally use a regular, paper, spiral bound, 8x10 notebook similar to what you see students using for notes; as I find that writing things out by hand allows me to better remember the material. Plus they’re cheap and you can easily find good quality ones for 2-5 dollars depending on size.

In full honesty it really doesn’t matter which method you use. It’s mostly up to personal preference and convenience. You could use an online note taking app, website, resource, a small pocket notebook, a small journal, a class notebook or so on.

Gotcha, gotcha. Thanks!

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