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Why was it removed lol

Removed by moderators. Feddit at it again.

Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a mod removal glow so brightly.

Someone said that their mother didn’t have any retirement and they were irritated that their mother was hoping that they would support them… then everyone dogpiled to say that their mother was a lazy piece of shit evil narcissist.

Meanwhile in another comment chain people were dogpiling a “boomer” for telling them that they weren’t “adulting correctly” if they couldn’t put aside a retirement fund.

The irony is almost painful…

At least someone was recommending guillotines as a solution!

The trick they don’t get is that for a lawyer, the real wage is the friends they made along the way

It is bc muh greedy corporates. If we tax the rich it will all solve itself

Nah nah it’s because them millennials are lazy and nobody wants to work!

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