Wall Street Journal: Elon Musk is planning to build his own town | CNN Business
What do you get for the billionaire who has everything? Perhaps his own town.

I can already see his fanboys doing mental gymnastics to justify this one.

Whoever moves there just wants to get exploited. If that’s what you are into who am I to stop anyone.

He can’t pay rent on the offices but will somehow come through with the company town?

KiG V2

Surely things will get so bad people will be ready to listen.


Seriously, you’d think the change in material conditions would do something


not surprised that elon musk is building something this awful

♫ Haul 16 tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. ♪

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2024 coming our way


(Octavia butler reference)

I called this some months ago. The reemergence of the plague of our class known as company towns was evident considering their reactionary trajectory. Elon seemed to be the most fitting to this role. He’s very binary and mechanical in his thinking and his public demeanor matches “the bad guy”, leading such a reactionary cause suits him to a T.

Fire’s a lot cheaper in this day and age than it was the last time parasites tried this.

It’s all coming together. He’s already indicated that his Mars settlement plan is company towns and indentured servitude. In Texas he’s already functionally taken over the ostensibly environmentally protected area in order to expand his military contracting gig. Company towns are definitely coming back if we let the robber barons keep on with business as usual.

Our class needs to unite. There is too much division, the results are a clear offensive by the bourgeois class.

I see it differently. The offensive by the owning class has been ongoing for over a century in the US. The division in the working class is a result of this offensive. The division doesn’t cause the offensive.

The solution is and will always be revolution. The problem is that fascism has been planted and allowed to grow. Revolution in the US in the present day has 2 very likely outcomes: 1) it is a patsoc fascist movement, 2) it is a vanguardist movement that spends its first decade fighting an existential civil war with fascist partisans.

Neither of these outcomes will benefit the working class in the first decade.

I’m afraid I’m inclined to agree with you on the 2 likely outcomes of today. I want to say I do not believe a fascist movement would benefit the working class at all, I believe only the latter option would lead to any positive outcome if we were forced to move forward today.

taken over the ostensibly environmentally protected area

This sounds interesting, do you have any reading material on it?

This Guardian article (archive link) does a pretty good job of summarizing the issues. It is over a year old though, and SpaceX activities have only ramped up since then with, as far as I can tell, no consideration to the environment or the community. Indeed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally finished an environmental impact review/approval in June 2022 with a 75 point list which SpaceX needs to take action on. To date (nine months later) SpaceX have not indicated how they will take action on any of these items. The relevant regulatory agencies (FAA as well as Fish and Wildlife primarily) aren’t doing a whole lot to keep SpaceX in check, and it’s not like SpaceX are operating in good faith either. As we know, one of Musk’s favourite things to do is act publicly belligerent towards regulators, including going ahead with a launch in December 2020 even after the FAA reminded SpaceX that the launch wasn’t approved.

For further reading the references in the Impacts section of the Wikipedia page on Starbase (yes the pretentious [removed] named it Starbase) aren’t a bad place to start on not just the environmental impacts but the economic and human effects as well.

Thank you!

no, WSJ, he’s planning to make workers build a town for him, he won’t be building anything

I bet he is so incompetent he couldn’t even put together an ikea furniture.


He’ll let workers build the town and afterwards he will sue them so that he can get the credits for building it

So worker abuse is basically cheat code for mission credits


With how well Tesla batteries seem to hold up, this whole town will be a fire hazard in no time.

Which will be blamed on “inefficient government” and “lazy union workers”

Welp. Looks like we are indeed all steam ahead to the rabid capitalism of the XIX century, this time not just for the Global South

KiG V2

The good news for the U.S. is, this is also the time when socialists were the MOST popular!

TLDR: Fuck Twitter.

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