I’ve wrote about him here.

“Right sector” is a far right nationalist organization, involved in many crimes.

Dmytro Kotsyubaylo was given the “Hero of Ukraine” commendation on December 1, 2021, by the President of Ukraine.

His favourite joke was about “feeding his dog with the bones of Russian-speaking children.” He told this Time magazine, he posted about it on his page on Facebook

“feeding his dog with the bones of Russian-speaking children” classy, as usual with far-right types

Finland and bootlicking Nazis, Name an iconic duo

Question: How many people actually care about this guy and how many are Nazi weirdos being boosted by internet algorithms? This trend of lionizing “war heroes” you know nothing about in countries you don’t live in is stupid as hell.

“he just wanted to fight for his country”

neonazi killing children since he was 18yo for 9 years: “no, i actually wanted to kill russian speaking civilians”


This is something i noticed a lot of - that many of the ukronazis are pretty honest with telling people what’s on their minds, and it all gets edited or never shown in the western media.

It warms my heart that one by one these scumbags are being wiped out

Seriously, that’s the minor good that came out of this totally avoidable conflict. Avoidable by NATO and their puppets btw.


Rest in piss

feeding his dog with the bones of Russian-speaking children

holy shit

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