Bad dementia

Yea he’s taking some sorta pills pretty heavily as evidenced by his posting lately, he’s a MESS

I remember he was addicted to benzos and almost died from it. I believe he was placed in a medically induced coma as well. Maybe he’s back on the benzos?

He almost died from it because he went cold turkey on them. Which he should know to be a very bad idea. In Russia they put him into a coma to his body could suffer the withdrawal while his mind was afk.

Lol when is his mind not afk😂😂💀

Given the state of geopolitics at the moment, he’ll have a hard time going for the Russian coma benzo treatment like he did last time.

I’m confused as to why he even went to Russia for that treatment

IIRC it was the the only place he could find offering some kind of outlandish treatment he wanted for some reason.

Well it didn’t work

Even better, right after his Daughter took him to Serbia where both got Covid.

Even in 2018 when people assumed professor = smart, this guy was regurgitating bottom-of-the-barrel Objectivism. Not because he read Ayn Rand, but an even dumber “objectivist” that basically paraphrased her, wild factual errors and all in the book Explaining Postmodernism. If you’re wondering why JP began his public career with ramblings about “neomarxism” and “postmodernism” - there you have it.

Think how dim you have to be, as a 50+ year old man, to uncritically read a summary from an ideologue and then act like you’re an expert on source material you’ve never touched. Before the fame, the drugs, the carnivore diet, his brain was already mush.

I mean he went on a debate about Marxism with only having read the Manifesto…

Hopefully he loses his credentials soon, I heard he’s being reprimanded by the College of Psychologists due his behaviour, specifically online.

Dude could have avoided so much trouble if he’d stayed out of politics and stuck to talking about obscure concepts in Jungian psychoanalysis

☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆


When you are too eager to get in on the grift.

It’s pretty insane that anti-China propaganda is so mindbending that Peterson seriously believed that the CPC is so inhumanly evil that they’re harvesting sperm from people for…some reason.

The problem is that historically men have been extremely unwilling to give up their sperm.

Tbh I’m surprised the west hasn’t introduced a similar program, especially considering the defining birth rate.

This comment started off as a joke but the more I think about it the more I’m starting to think that he is just upset that someone might have introduced a plan that he’s been hoping to lobby for in Canada. A kind of sperm-for-euthanasia-vouchers program.

I shudder to even think about the cringe this demented clown must be posting nowadays.

Cum see what the Marxists have done

KiG V2

Reading this a second time did not make my brain healthier

I think you got a typo in the link, you wrote x instead of

But yeah, I saw that, Mastodon had a really fun day with this

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oops fixed

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