You don’t sell good fences if your main business is lockpicking

This is just moving the goal-posts thinking. They’ve gone from Ukraine will win/Ukraine will be in Moscow in two months to… well if the Russians don’t crush them in a few months they’re in trouble haha.

American military spending sure sounds impressive. Just ignore the 10000% markups.

And ignore the fact that many of the planes have serious design flaws despite costing millions to produce. Also please ignore the fact that they aren’t even used most of the time and just collect dust in a top of the line hanger

Wait, how much did they give Ukraine?

Up to the middle of January 2023 the US has lent Ukraine $47B, which excludes the value of the weapons and equipment provided.

I put emphasis on the lending part because this isn’t a giveaway. It’s lend-lease for the 21st century. Ukraine is and will be forced to sell off whatever means of production it still has left after this war to US capitalists in a desperate effort to pay this money back. Back in the WWII era lend-lease was used by the Americans to take over from the British as global hegemon and bring capitalist Europe under its wing.

KiG V2

I just don’t understand how they can still think that Russia is the bad guy and USA is the good guy.

I guess it’s just some vague idea that the East is full of bloodthirsty backwards savages who don’t have any sense. I guess after all they did somehow make farmers with AKs in the Middle East into somehow a threat to a world-spanning Empire. I want to squish my eyeballs.

I mean, isn’t Russia the “bad guy” because they invaded a sovereign nation. Doesn’t that also make the US a bad guy because sovereignty means nothing to them.

U.S./NATO intentionally blur the lines of what constitutes sovereignty by having semi-colonized countries act effectively as vassal states while still upholding their independence on a merely superficial level.

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I’d argue that Russia is the “good guy” here for wanting to protect their people from Ukranazis.

For being such big fans of lesser-evilism, they sure can’t understand critical support

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Computer game thinking.

liberal discovering that military spending does not correspond to efficiency and results.

Turns out buying bullets at 10 quadrillion dollars a piece doesn’t magically help you win a war

Capitalist thinking when it comes to their defense buddies: throw money at it

Capitalist thinking when it comes to solving homelessness: let them freeze

But I spent a thousand times more for it. Are you telling me it isn’t a thousand times better?

from a more realistic viewpoint, this just means that NATO’s military production capabilities are extremely inefficient compared to Russia’s, never mind China

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Libs literally cannot think in any way other than money is everything. People don’t fight wars, money does. People don’t solve problems, money does. People don’t provide labor, money does. They cannot fathom a world in which whoever throws the most money at a problem wins by default.

The focus on unsustainable consumption of resource rather than efficient management of resource is the reasons why the Pax Americana depends on countries that gain free riding from colonialism, free riding from the Bretton Woods institutions that funds corrupt governments in former European colonies, enslavement of First Nation children of North America in Residential fake Schools even after the end of the Cold War, inheritance thief of the murdered children of First Nation landowners in fake schools through fraudulent activities, continued imprisonment of First Nation people in planned poverty in concentration camps as a condition to maintain their property rights and “free” reparation money, and the dependency on extreme wealth concentration into the uncompetitive 1% oligarch. Liberal principle stress management of resource over unsustainable resource extraction, but the Liberals do not follow this principle in practice since they complained that it is “too unrealistic” and too “Communist”.

Commodity fetishism?

libs use brains

First time this shit isn’t an oxymoron

Liberals starting to use their brains is the first step towards not being liberals.

Or becoming worse.

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