When reformists take power, they often “forget” to get rid of their crowned heads.

I only know Sweden. Who else?

Denmark and Norway

Comrade Ben

Canada Austrila all the Nordic countries and the former empire uk

Finland isn’t a monarchy currently, is it?

No, but other 3 scandinavian countries are. Also add Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Andorra, Japan, Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Spain. There’s also a lot more but they are imo not social democracies.

Aotearoa New Zealand isn’t a social democracy, it’s a neoliberal hellscape

KiG V2

Honestly, forget all the technical definitions, social democracy just means “old Western empire that threw commoners a couple bones when the Soviets took power to stifle revolutionary potential, which were slowly and carefully retracted bit by bit from the moment the USSR dissolved.”

And let’s be real, all us Western empires are still monarchies, the power is just split between a few hundred or few thousand kings. But when you consider how Europe has operated for thousands of years, was Europe not essentially the United States of Europe all split between a few hundred or a few thousand kings that all united for common causes such as Christendom a la the Crusades? Only now the common cause is peasant revolt, or ensuring a lack thereof. They went from LARPing holiness to unabashedly impeding progress of humanity, that’s all that has changed really.

And most of those billionaires are descended from marriages of the rising merchants and the dying aristocracy. And almost all those aristocrats, throughout Europe, saw themselves as the real heirs of the Roman Empire. The children got the power and the money and here we are.

Comrade Ben

They always have been holding back progress of humanity

KiG V2

🔍 I can’t see a damn lie…

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