Imagine my shock when, stoned out of my gourd, I see the ABC Nightly News headlines.

“Warrant Issued For Vladimir Putin’s Arrest”

And it’s issued by an “international” criminal court America has already deemed an unnecessary inhibitor to their colonial project.

I feel like the media is gaslighting us. Very briefly my sense of reality was annihilated. I was caught in a bizarre imperialist fantasy where nothing made sense. I wanted ask my sister what year it was and whether Kiev had finally sacked Moscow. I was convinced I had missed some major developments.

My fault for falling for the MSM clickbait, apparently.

poor guy, he already had bofa

Jfc this is real. Imagine trying to end a war by telling the enemy’s president he’s under arrest lol.

He should go and be cleared of charges. Then they should issue one for a USA president.

He would never return. He would died in “mysterious circuimstances” or hell, they are at this level of derangement they would just lock him up and try to use as leverage or hostage to try to break Russia.

All this does is further discredit the ICC and make it even more irrelevant than it already was. Neither the US nor Russia recognize its authority. And neither do China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or even Ukraine itself. This is a joke. Nobody who matters takes it seriously and nobody will enforce this ruling. The ICC exists solely for the imperialist west to bully weak global south nations, especially the African ones.


I saw that too lmao. It’s the same ICC that are grasping at every straw to find even one war crime. What are they going to do? And what are their expectations? Putin will certainly get on the first flight to Schiphol now.

I feel like I became a voter here at the perfect time: Russiagate. Then all the Epstein reveals. It all just makes me laugh.

lol the insanity

It’s an open invitation for Maga fanboys with Ford F-150s to strap up and take down an oligarchy

MAGA supports Russia, unlike liberals. You forgot the world flipped since Hongkong and COVID.

Wym world has flipped? There has been a pro-russia sect of the Republican party ever since the USSR fell. A group of US rightists wanting to put the brakes on the Russia proxy war so that they can go full speed into a war with China is not the world flipping.

They also have other motivations like imposing “Christian conservative” values on society.

I’ve yet to meet a MAGA boy who supported the war in Ukraine.

How so?

Any time I hear about an arrest warrant, I know like 3 Trump Supporters that LARP as law enforcement and say that they’d shoot the person on sight if they saw them. Perhaps Putin wouldn’t be one of their targets

because I’m a masochist I sometimes put the news on while I do stuff around my apartment and earlier this evening I was cleaning my cat’s litter box and heard “an arrest warrant has been issued for Russian president Vladimir Putin” and burst out laughing at the absurdity of it

Me too, I sometimes read comments on Ukraine war videos, peak masochism but I can’t help it since I’m hoping for a few good ones and often see just about 5 or so normal ones.

yea I sometimes browse stuff like r/ukraine to soak in all the delusion but I can only handle so much per day without dying of cringe

r/ukraine is too much, I do average YT and lib comments

The US literally has an invasion plan for the Hague if they ever do this to a US president


They’re willing to do this if European governments threaten any US officials.

KiG V2

Laws mean nothing to wolves, especially if the wolves write the laws

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