The EFF and multiple other leftist organisations are leading a national shutdown on the 20th of March. The main demands are that our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, steps down, and an end to loadshedding. Other demands include the usual: an end to widespread unemployment, poverty, landlessness, corruption, and so forth. This was originally announced on the 19th of January, I believe.

For the latest interviews, watch the following:

For CIC Julius Malema’s latest speech/press conference, watch the following: (Starts at 18:50)

May we see a socialist South Africa in our lifetime🇿🇦☭❤

Where is the best source to keep up to date on this?

Sankavara Gardens

I think the best of all is directly from those participating, so the main 2 are SAFTU and EFF. For non affiliated groups, you could turn to SABC, News24, People’s Dispatch, and Daily Maverick. As always, read objectively and cross reference <3

Has loadshedding been a big problem?

Yes. We’ve been having it every single day for the past 5 months or so

Oh dear. I hope that changes soon for you. That must be tough.

Isn’t EFF just controlled opposition though? Do you think that the shutdown will accomplish anything? Also, it’s nice to see a fellow South African comrade here.

Sankavara Gardens

Personally, I don’t think the EFF is controlled opposition. I made a post a few months ago explaining my stance and process, I’ll share it here.

I still don’t feel completely 100% about them, but I critically support them and I think that overall they are a positive for the South African people. Nobody is organising people like them.

Will the shutdown accomplish anything? Maybe, maybe not, but it will definitely get people riled up and at the very least make an impact.

Also, yes, hello fellow South African <3

That was a good write-up. Now I’m excited for tomorrow lol.

Sankavara Gardens

Solidarity, have a good day and stay safe ❤

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