“but USA…i don’t want to be in a war!”

“sorry, no space here!”

“k…but now i’m gonna make war against you too!”



Frankly I doubt it will go like this. More like “Reee fuckin rashka, fuckin Putin! Can’t escape from this swamp! Muh glorious democracy has expelled me because Putin is Dr Evil! I am ashamed to be Russian! Slave mentality!”

Gonna have to disagree with you on it being a W, comrade. For several reasons:

  1. Deportation on a racial/ethnic basis is questionable at best, regardless of who does it. Call me an idealist if you will.

  2. It may well spread to people who lived and worked in USA long before the SMO. I know plenty such folks. Former classmates and the like. If they left because they couldn’t see a future for themselves in Russia back then, how do you think they will react now?

  3. Likewise, people who left because they disagree with the SMO on political/ideological basis will not suddenly start supporting it once they’re back. If anything I expect they will blame Putin, the current government and the people who didn’t leave for their situation. This is essentially giving CIA and the likes a free base.

We’ve already seen incidents of people supporting Ukraine from within Russia - including the attack on Engels airbase. The deportation will only help strengthen such notions, I expect.

And again, going back to 1, this is only serving to support the campaign of alienation of Russia and Russian people. One more thing that is allowed and approved.

It’s not a draft. It’s merely the reserves being called to active service.


well, this is what the US did during the Iraq war.

Really? I thought it was only active personell plus “security contractors”?


Them too. Army reserves and mercenaries that somehow were less accountable than the army from what I remember.

Didn’t know about reserves. Thanks!

And that’s the funniest thing about it lol

I know, but the Western media insists on calling it a draft to pretend Putin is desperate.


With the Vietnam War still very much within living memory, “draft” is also a Very Bad Word in America. To most people, it (as you said) conjures up images of a desperate government trying to win an unpopular and unwinnable war. It also pushes all the right referential buttons for liberals, bringing up images of hippies and peace signs and protest marches.

Sorry, I am struggling really hard to see what is good about deporting people? Could you explain how you see this as a good thing?

Liberal Russian nazi-sympathizers trying to escape to the US are being sent back to Russia lol

I don’t think most people that fled are nazi sympathizers, they probably just don’t wanna go to war which you can’t really blame them for

I can’t agree that there is anything “good” about deportation, nor do I agree that forcing people through a draft into war is somehow a good thing. That’s a very narrow framework that ignores the very real misery, pain and death that people face both in migrant detention, and on the frontlines of a war that they have no ideological commitment to.

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