yea that sub has a higher lib to comrade ratio than a lot of others but I kinda get it since it’s a “baby’s first ML space” kinda thing

I mean it’s reddit. Liberals will invite themselves into every corner, openly or posing as something else, and start barfing their nauseating rhetoric everywhere in an attempt to ‘correct’ everyone else… and subreddit admins have to let them in, or the sub becomes 🌟problematic🌟 and quarantined. And that’s okay for the Deprogram. It exists to educate liberals as much as to entertain comrades.

Nobody likes the feeling of a liberal’s cold, viscous saliva sticking to their ear lobes, but at some point you do have to come in contact with them if you want to deprogram them.

Which comment is the Liberal here and why is it Liberal?

I wouldn’t say liberal, more like ultra left

KiG V2

This is a radicalizing opportunity. If there’s a space where psychological contestation might be worth it, it would be a space like that.

No it isn’t. Redflagperson over there told you to read theory until you get that capitalist multipolarity is ebil.

On a more serious note, if someone is making an argument from Lenin, let alone without a quote, that’s cause for skepticism. Vladimir Ilyich wrote A LOT and quoting him willy-nilly without consideration for historical context is not a great idea.

Why do liberals even watch the Deprogram?

KiG V2

Yugopnik and Second Thought are both very friendly to “left unity”, Berniecrats and the like. They’ve intentionally targeted certain audiences in hopes of radicalizing them. I even once had an interaction with Second Thought where he essentially was like “I know my content is not satisfactory to an ML, we’ll get there, baby steps, meet people where they are” etc.

It’s the right approach. The reality is that vast majority of people in the west are in the liberal/conservative mainstream. The key task is to deprogram these people and to provide them with a sound ideology. That necessarily means having to present things in a way that doesn’t make them immediately shut down, and putting up with the tropes they inevitably regurgitate. Education is a difficult and thankless task, but it’s the most important one at the moment.

I agree alienating Bernie supporters is not a great idea, there aren’t many lefties in USA, and as a former Bernie supporter I can’t ignore the fact that these people CAN change and become spectacular agit-prop-spreading comrades

I like the ‘pipeline’ they’ve established. I don’t know if it’s deliberate or not, and it’s more of a network than a line, but they’ve each got different styles and palatability to different demographics.

Someone who might watch JT’s videos but gets turned away by the aesthetic, tone or subject matter of Yugo or Hakim may well end up listening to the latter two after several hours of ‘the boys’ bantering with one another.

Why not target people who are “apolitical” instead?

KiG V2

Definitely as 1/3 of Americans are at least not Democrats or Republicans reaching the “apolitical” will be a huge aspect of a successful Western revolution. I say why not both! Radicalize all we can!!

probably to deprogram?

Mind. Blown.

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