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So apparently UA has launched a Tu-141 UAV, loaded with explosives. It crashed in Tula oblast (reportedly having been disabled by EW), with at least two wounded.

Tula, as you might notice on a map, is relatively far from Ukraine’s border - unlike Kursk and Belgorod, which have been attacked before. So apparently the UAV made it aaaaall the way across several reegions. I should also note that Tu-141 is the same type of UAV that last year has crashed in Moldova, having apparently flown unintercepted across multiple layers of NATO air defences. Guess it can do the same with Russian ones. A friggin UAV from 1979!


There’s a good amount of pushback popping up to the normal socdem Western superiority on the Dutch socialist subreddit, with more and more tankies coming out of the woodworks. Interesting to see how it will develop.

Do you guys remember War Nerd Radio brought a neocon to their show who said Nordstream was destroyed by Russians and then a week later got Sey Hersh for their show who said Americans did it? 😂

Suddenly started having difficulties with archive links. Checked with a friend - so does he. They’re timing out. Anyone else having the same problem?

Is it archive.ph? That one doesn’t work well for me either, but archive.org is fine

archive.is is working for me, at least; it could be yet another site that ignores Russian connection attempts

goddamnit i hope it’s temporary. archive.today doesn’t even open now. Guess an attack was going on?

‍ ‍ ‍

why does lemmy do this

if you deny it permission to send notifications, it should get rid of those

Will the French protest achieve something big? As far as I know they started when the government decided to raise the retirement age, so, i think they’ll achieve it, but could theese protests perhaps achieve something better?

Full support to them obv


My action group just decided we want to set up a nation wide anti racism action that we will roll out the coming year. Excited.

This summer I will visit Cuba inshallah

I have only just noticed I have a 502 in the nickname, and now I’m questioning my sanity, because I could’ve sword it was supposed to be a 52

My first pull request for something more than a one line change got merged into the lemmy js client today. I’m officially a lemmy contributor.


next time someone brings up victims of communism. here are some victims of capitalism stats.


So, on my action group’s turf, a queer iftar (diner after Ramadan) has been canceled because it received threats from different groups (both muslim and far right).

Naturally, the far right is jumping on the islam hate train right now, saying muslims don’t belong here.

I’m not really sure what action to take right now. The hate this queer muslim group receives by both far right and other muslims can’t be ignored but to give the far right a hall pass to now just become openly racist and defenders of queer rights (while at the same time yelling woke) is not an option.

I hate when people I admire and make amazing work turn out to be anti-Stalin and have light anti-communist tendencies, or when they turn to be heavily ultras. ):


the majority of western leftists are like that :(


I love the espressostalinist website but the person behind it is a Hoxhaist who detests the DPRK (highlighting and sharing propagandist articles about them) and China… like, you saw through the bullshit with Stalin. Is it only dead guys and failed revolutionary projects that you care about studying? If so, that’s fine. We learn from the past. But maybe learn from the fucking past and quit peddling the narrative of empire, the same empire who shitlisted Stalin and Hoxha in the first place!


46.7% of Belgian people say they are currently struggling to make ends meet. Now, the research didn’t specify how these people spend their money but it’s safe to say that you don’t have to go all boomer avocado toast to see how this is a very problematic thing (I’m saying this because out of the top 10% earners, 22% say they can’t make ends meet as well and that’s just stupidity most of the time).

But so far the people in charge seem to be worried about making nationalist propaganda and woke.

I feel that

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